Experience the Thrill of Kayaking

Greece is a very popular destination for canoeing and kayaking, and offers visitors the opportunity to do so either the sea of so of the beautiful rivers that flow through Greece. It is a great way to explore the untouched beaches and sea caves along the coast, as well as the stunning countryside by travelling rivers such as the Pineios.

Kayaking in Greece

There are lots of ideal destinations around Greece where you can enjoy this wonderful sport, and discover the natural charm and beauty that the country has been blessed with. The best time of year for kayak in Greece is between the months of October to May, though there are a number of rivers where you can enjoy kayaking all year round.

There are a number of sport clubs that can arrange for you to take part in canoeing and kayaking when you are in Greece, and a number of them also offer courses that you can take part in. There are organizations all over the country and also a selection of Greek islands where you have excursions and outdoor adventures arranged.

One of the most popular destinations for water sports in Greece is the Pineios River, which is located in the region of Thessaly and flows for more than 200km. Crossing the plain of Thessaly and the Valley of Tempi, it eventually ends up in the Aegean sea on the east side of Greece. The Pineios River is the ideal place to enjoy kayak and canoe with groups or family. Whatever level you are, you will be able to enjoy kayaking and canoeing down the river.

Further north in Xanthi is the Neston Delta, which is a beautiful region that is ideal for all types of water sports including rafting and kayaking. The area is extremely beautiful and is a showcase of the natural beauty of Greece, with flowing rivers, migrating birds, waterfalls and much more.

Another popular destination in the mainland is in Trikala in the Koziakas mountain where you will find a canoe and kayak center the Three Rivers (Tria Potamia). The route along the rivers here are extremely beautiful and if you organize your excursion properly, you can pay a visit to some of the impressive churches and monasteries in the area.

Canoeing in Greece

In the Peloponnese in South Greece you will find a great selection of locations where you can enjoy kayaking and canoeing. In the county of Achaia are the Ladonas and Erimanthos rivers that provide the perfect setting for kayaking. In Arcadia you will find the rapids of the region and also the Lousios and Ladonas rivers that are great for rafting.

You will also find a great choice of locations amongst the Greek islands. On some of the islands of the Saronic Gulf such as Aegina and Agistri, you can enjoy some sea kayaking. These are great destinations to head to if you are in Athens, as they are only an hour or so away from the capital by ferry boat.

The Dodecanese islands have some good choices where you can enjoy kayaking and canoeing. On the island of Rhodes at the Mandraki harbor is the Rhodes Nautical Club which has a canoe and kayaking club. In Patmos the most popular way of exploring the islands unique coastline is by sea canoe. In Kos there are a number of places where you can enjoy canoeing, such as the Psalidi beach.

In the Ionian islands you will also find a great choice of destinations to visit. On the island of Corfu there are a number of beaches such as those of Avlaki and Glyfada where you enjoy sea canoeing and kayaking. Lefkada is referred to by many as one of the leading destinations for sea kayak in the world. There are a number of shops where you can rent the necessary equipment and then head off and explore the islands magical and unique coastline. The islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos also make good choices and on both you will find various locations where you can canoe and kayak.

On the island of Crete, the largest in all of Greece, you’ll find some great locations. In Chania is the Kournas Lake, which is one of the islands two fresh water lakes. You will be able to rent a canoe or pedal boat and venture out onto the peaceful and calm waters. In Rethymno there are a number of beaches such as Bali, Panormos and Plakias where you will be able to rent kayaks and canoes to use to explore the stunning coast.

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