Preveza Holidays

Situated on the north cape of the Amvrakikos Gulf is the picturesque city of Preveza, a region with thousands of years of history, and scenery filled with natural beauty.

Preveza - Greece

The combination of the Thesprotian mountains, the blue waters of the Ionian sea, and the Louros and Aherontas rivers make this part of Epirus one of the most inspiring and unique.

Preveza is the capital city and port of the Preveza region, and is situated 385km from Athens via Aktio, and is a very popular destination for those who truly appreciate nature at its most finest.

Cobble stone paths align the exquisite streets and alleys creating a very peace yet lively atmosphere. Trees and flower beds, as well and the balconies are filled with all varieties of flowers, produce an array of aromas and colours.

With the combination of the rich nature and vegetation and the traditional ouzeries and tavernas, a very idyllic environment is created. During the summer months, the port of Preveza is lively with boats and yachts arriving and departing on a daily basis.

The large quay, with the beautiful neoclassical buildings create the perfect setting for relaxing walks, and where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll as you listen to the sound of the waves lapping up against the shore.

Ancient City of Nikopolis - Preveza

One attraction that all visitors to should try to see is the Castle of Preveze, which provides some magnificent views out towards the surrounding area.

During the summer months, there are many cultural events that take place including theatrical plays and music events. These festivities are an excellent way for visitors to sample a traditional and local celebration.

Just 7km from the city is the beautiful area of Mytikas, where you can see some truly stunning sunsets, and admire the views of the ancient city of Nikopolis, which was founded by the Roman emperor "Octavian August" in memory of his triumph over Cleopatra at the battleship Aktion.

Heading northwards, you will pass by some beautiful coastal hamlets where you can find a lovely selection of accommodation including rooms to let.

Beaches in Preveza Greece

The popular sandy beach of Loutsa is one such destinations, as it the picturesque region of Ammoudia, which is located on the banks of the river Aherontas.

Another very popular destination is the popular destination of Parga, which is famous for it;s jade waters and the small green islets that are located at the entrance of the port.

The main village and trading centre of the region is Kanalaki, which, in the ancient years used to be the Aherousia lake, where according to mythology, was a place where the souls of the dead were going to Adis. Here you will also come across the ancient site of the death-oracle.

A short distance from here are the beautiful springs of the river Aherontas, a place that all visitors to Preveza should try to visit. The river and canyon here create a wonderful scenery of exceptional beauty and a very tranquil and natural environment.

Preveza is connected by air with the airport of Aktio, and also has bus connections with the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.