Enjoy Canyoning & Rappelling

Canyoning is an activity that has become increasingly popular in Greece over the past decade, and there are a number clubs and organizations that can arrange for you to enjoy canyoning at a variety of locations all around the country.

Canyoning in Greece

It is an activity that combines a number of different mountain sports including mountaineering and ascension as well as swimming, and its history in Greece can be dated back to the end of the later 1920s. Since then a number of explorers starting visiting the various gorges and canyons around Greece and it was during the 1990s that canyoning became a popular choice for those seeking alternative holidays and travel experiences.

If this is an activity that you enjoy doing, then why not look to book a holiday in Greece at some of the destinations below so you can enjoy a great holiday doing something that you love.

The best time of the year to do canyoning in Greece is between the months of March to October, but this is ultimately determined by the specific location that you will visit. The conditions will need to have an acceptable amount of flowing water in the canyons, as well as the right air and water temperatures.

Most of the clubs and agencies that organize the canyoning sessions will have the vital equipment but you are still required to bring along with you some of the basics such as swimwear, trainers or water shoes ( for walking inside the canyon ), towel, change of clothing and maybe a small bag for your daily essentials.


In Epirus in west Greece there are a number of excellent locations where you can enjoy canyoning. In the area of Zagochoria you will find canyons such as Efialtis, Nefeli, Arapis, Tichos and of course the Vikos Grand Canyon, as well as the Voidomatis River. In Epirus is also the area of Tzoumerka where you will find canyons including Kritharia, Karlibus, Matsouki and Korovesou, in addition to the Red River ( Kokkino Potami ) and the Kremastos waterfall.

Central Greece

In the region of Central Greece you will discover a great selection of destinations where you can take part in caynoning. Canyons here include Gorgopotamos, Kakavos, Rodokalos, Delfino and Kostalexi. In the region of Evritania in Central Greece are a wonderful choice of canyons including Roska, Gournoremo, Vathirema and Mavri Spilia.


The county of Thessaly is home to the stunning Pelion peninsula and the famous port city of Volos. There are two very popular canyons here which you can visit – the canyons of Fakistra and Milopotamos.


The region of Macedonia in North Greece is a beautiful part of the country and is ideal for a variety of outdoor sports and activities. The region is home to Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, and here you will find the canyons of Agia Kori and Orlias. You can also head to the area of Kissavos where you will find a great selection of different canyons to venture into.


The island of Crete is the largest in all of Greece and is home to a great selection of canyons such as Arvi, Ha, Kavousio and Portela. Crete is also where you will find the Samaria gorge which is one of the largest in all of Europe, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions on the island.


The island of Samothraki in the North Aegean is home to some very popular canyons including Gyali, Xiropotamos and Vatos, as well as the Kremastos waterfall.