Xanthi Holidays

The beautiful prefecture of Xanthi is located in North Greece in the area known as Thrace (Thraki). The magical mountains of Rodopi, the stunning landscape of forests and greenery create a truly inspiring destination for your holidays and travel to the region of North Greece.

Xanthi - Thrace Greece

Xanthi is a place with a rich and very history, dating back many years. There are over 70 unique archaeological sites scattered all over Xanthi, with many more being discovered all the time.

The natural landscape, perfectly combining mountain and sea, with the various shades of green and blue make Xanthi an extremely popular destination for those who are interested in alternative and eco tourism.

There are many activities that visitors to Xanthi can enjoy, such as trekking, watersports and many more. The natural setting of the region make it a perfect place for outdoor sports anc activities.

Nestos River in Xanthi Greece

The island of Thassos, the only island belonging to the Macedonia region of Greece, is located a short distance from Xanthi, and this too, is an extremely popular holiday destination.

Along the coast of Xanthi, you will find a lovely selection of beaches, and places where you can simply sit back, and enjoy the magificent views that stretch out over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Town of Xanthi in Thrace

There are many picturesque towns and villages that are worth visiting, where you can experience the traditional way of life of the locals of Xanthi.

Whatever type of holiday you are searching for, the region of Xanthi can provide you with the perfect authentic setting in which to enjoy Greece at it's most charming and magical.