Best Tours and Activities in Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki in Greece is a stunning region full of diversity, making it the perfect spot for a tour. Whether you're looking for vibrant nightlife on Kassandra's beaches or wanting to escape to secluded coves on Sithonia, Chalkidiki has something for everyone. Take the chance to explore its rich history – visit the ancient city of Olynthus and take a look at the ruins that once made it such an important city-state centuries ago. Or head to Stagira, birthplace of famous philosopher Aristotle and get some inspiration from his wisdom.

If it's natural beauty you're after, Chalkidiki won't let you down either. Its lush forests, crystal clear waters and abundance of wildlife make it a great destination spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a boat trip out to Diaporos or Ammouliani island and go swimming or snorkeling in their unspoiled waters. Or simply take a hike in Sithonia for some spectacular views of natural landscapes.

Not only does Chalkidiki offer beautiful scenery but also an insight into traditional Greek culture. Surround yourself with local villages who live life as it was hundreds of years ago and savour the delicious cuisine available in tavernas and wineries - not forgetting all those famous products like honey and olive oil! A tour here is sure to be an unforgettable experience; giving you glimpses into its past alongside incredible nature scenes which will stay with you forever.

13 Chalkidiki Tours and Experiences Available to Book Online


  • Jet Ski in Chalkidiki

    Jet Ski in Chalkidiki

      20 minutes

    Finally, the perfect summer holiday has arrived! Take to your jet ski in Chalkidiki and get some fresh air while experiencing new things. The instructors will meet you at a beachside location with all of the necessary equipment so that even beginners can enjoy themselves right away- no experience required! You’ll have an informative lecture on how this particular mode of transport operates before taking off into uncharted .....

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  • 5 Day Yoga Holiday with Reiki in Chalkidiki

    5 Day Yoga Holiday with Reiki in Chalkidiki

      5 days

    Pack your luggage and leave the rest to Pela. This vacation will be one you'll want to share with friends, family members or loved ones for years after returning home from Greece! The country's nature is incredible - both beautiful landscapes as well challenging mountains that provide an intense workout, but it’s not just about seeing what is there before us; we should also take time out during these .....

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  • SUP in Chalkidiki

    SUP in Chalkidiki

      1 hour

    Looking for an adventurous summer activity in Chalkidiki? Enjoy SUPing in the beautiful waters of this region! SUPing is a great way to explore the surrounding area and use your muscles while having some fun. This activity is perfect for those aged 14 and up who are able to swim. So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and have some .....

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  • Sunset Hiking in Sithonia Chalkidiki

    Sunset Hiking in Sithonia Chalkidiki

      3 hours

    If you are looking for a unique way to spend your summer evening, consider joining our sunset hiking tour through the magical pine forest and enjoy an unforgettable view over Sithonia's Gulf. For those who have more time or prefer longer tours, we offer 8 km long circular routes that pass from Paul chapel up on top of 1000 feet high hills where one can admire endless blue waters with olive trees dotting all along its coastline leading into .....

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  • Parasailing in Chalkidiki

    Parasailing in Chalkidiki

      20 minutes

    You can get your adrenaline rush by simply doing nothing, put on the life jacket and sit comfortably while flying in Chalkidiki. This exciting adventure will make you feel like an expert parasailing flyer! Have fun with this thrilling activity that is perfect for those who want to know what it feels like “up .....

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  • Distillation of Essential Oils in Chalkidiki

    Distillation of Essential Oils in Chalkidiki

      2.5 hours

    This article explores the history, properties and uses of essential oils. It provides a method for creating your own essential oil at home, with a focus on distilling lavender from our own plantations. Each step of the process is explained in detail so that visitors understand how to make their own essential oils in their kitchen. At the end, they are presented with 2 ml bottles of distilled lavender as a commemorative .....

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  • Windsurfing Lessons in Chalkidiki

    Windsurfing Lessons in Chalkidiki

      10 hours

    The windsurfing lesson in Chalkidiki Greece is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Master the sport that combines both water and air with help from certified instructors! Learn how to become an advanced beginner or pro, depending on what you're looking for by taking this 10-hour course (2 hours per day over 5 days). You’ll have plenty of time spent learning theory as well practice sessions aboard our simulator while getting into contact outdoors .....

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  • Blue Lagoon-Vourvourou Cruise with Lunch from Ouranoupolis

    Blue Lagoon-Vourvourou Cruise with Lunch from Ouranoupolis

      6 hours

    Discover the beauty of Halkidiki with a luxurious Glassbottom vessel cruise. Every Monday and Friday, join us for an unforgettable experience, which includes two stops for swimming in crystal clear waters, snorkeling around the famous Blue Lagoon (Vourvourou), and exploring Alikes Lagoon (stop at the port of the beach) while enjoying a delicious meal on board. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to take in all that Halkidiki has to .....

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  • Wakeboarding Lesson in Chalkidiki

    Wakeboarding Lesson in Chalkidiki

      1 hour

    If you've never been on a board before and are looking for some excitement, look no further! The Nea Roda Watersports Centre in Chalkidiki is the place to be if your adrenaline runs high. Whether it's an initiation course or a more advanced style of wakeboarding they can teach whatever skill level there might be so come visit us today as we make sure that everyone's needs get met at our friendly facility by certified instructors who love what .....

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  • Full Day Sailing Trip in Chalkidiki

    Full Day Sailing Trip in Chalkidiki

      7 hours

    Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a full day cruise in luxurious yacht. Enjoy the unique sensation of sailing, explore isolated places, immerse yourself in turquoise water, soak up sun’s warmth on beautiful Greek beaches with forest as backdrop and savor traditional Greek flavors. Pass by Toroneos Gulf and Kelyfos Island also known as Turtle island to experience truly breathtaking .....

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  • Mountain Biking in Chalkidiki

    Mountain Biking in Chalkidiki

      5 hours

    The trip to the ancient city of Parthenonas is a mountain biking journey through Chalkidiki. Pass by St Paul and discover the pine forest of Sithonia before admiring views over Toroneos Gulf from Kelifos island! This 35km itinerary will provide you with an exciting activity, one that'll last forever in your memories as it includes plane trees, pines & water springs on protected .....

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  • Discover Scuba Diving in Chalkidiki

    Discover Scuba Diving in Chalkidiki

      Half Day

    The discover dive in Chalkidiki is a great opportunity to experience what it's like to glide through the water without feeling gravity. You will also be able to absorb the "silent world" and get used to the diving equipment. First, you will meet your instructors and they will give you a briefing concerning the diving theory and the equipment. With your wetsuits, fins, masks and diving equipment you will then complete a few easy exercises in the .....

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  • Private Fishing Experience in Chalkidiki

    Private Fishing Experience in Chalkidiki

      4 hours

    Take a fishing trip to the beautiful seaport of Pefkochori and enjoy a day of fishing in the seafront waters. There will be stops along the way to rest, swim and fish, so you can make sure you get all the pleasures that a single day at sea has to offer. The tour will start from Pefkochori Beach in Greece and continue through Pefkohori, Kassandra, Halkidiki Region in Central Macedonia. So don't miss out on this great opportunity for some fun and .....

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