Zakynthos Island Holidays

Combining rich natural beauty with that of poetry, theatre, painting and music, the island of Zakynthos is one that provides a very special and inspiring setting in which to enjoy some of the best holidays you will ever have.

Zakynthos Island - Greece

Your holidays in the island will be ones of great enjoyment and wonderful experiences. Zakynthos is the homeland of Dionisios Solomos who wrote the national anthem of Greece, and also of the famous poet ""Andreas Kalvos", who was also highly regarding in the field of literature.

The main city of Zakynthos was rebuilt on top of the old city, which was destroyed after the devastating earthquakes of 1953. Great emphasis was placed on building the new city to resemble that of the old one, with Venetian style mansions, and large shaded squares, where locals could gather.

Taking a walk through the streets of the town, you will find various charming squares surrounded by traditional buildings. A prime example would be the "Solomou Square" which is home to the building housing the municipal intellectual centre, and also the museum of Zakynthos. Visitors will also come across the church of "Agios Dionisios", who was the protector saint of the island.

Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos

One very interesting place that visitors to Zakynthos should try and see is the beach of Lagane. This unique region has been nominated as an ecological park, and is the place of the reproduction of the turtle known as Caretta - Caretta. During the summer evenings, visitors can head to the area and see the turtles coming onto the beach to lay their eggs.

Zakynthos has a wonderful selection of beautiful beaches found scattered all across the island. During the summer months, you will find the beaches filled with people who have come to enjoy the refreshing blue waters.

A wonderful day trip can be spent on a boat ride and diving to the shipwreck located at the "Blue Caves" at Shinari. This unique experience is one that you will always cherish and look back on with fond memories.

Sunset over Zakynthos

The airport at Zakynthos caters for both domestic and international flights, and also has bus connections with both Athens and Thessaloniki. There is also a boat connection to the harbour of Kyllini in the Peloponnese region of Greece.

Zakynthos is always a very popular holiday destination for visitors, and the perfect combination of natural beauty, history, and wonderful beaches mean that there will always be something interesting and fun for visitors to do.

Many people who have been to Zakynthos find themselves returning back again, year after year, as though magnetized by this true "Beauty of the East".