Greek Therapeutical Spa Waters

One of the great Greek secrets is the warm natural spas that flow from the inside the earth, and have been known about since the ancient times by Hippocrates, (the father of medicine), some 2000 years ago for their therapeutical abilities.

Natural Spas in Greece

In Greece there are more than 750 of these natural water spas that flow, and consist of minerals such as Magnesia, Calcium, Potassium, and many more. From these, there are approximately 75 that actually operate professionally as natural spas for therapeutical therapy, with accommodation and other facilities.

The mineral waters found in these spas have physical chemical contents that make it very different from drinking water. The spas that have more of a specific natural chemical in their waters are said to be the best and have the greatest therapautical abilities. Some of examples are as follows:

The spas at "Thermi", located 25 km from Thessaloniki, is said to have abilities for therapies like rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, gynecological problems and many other ailments.

The spas at Thermopiles in Fthiotida, 15 km south east from Lamia, are said to be best for rheumatism, arthritis, breathing problems with the lungs and several others. Here you will find first rate facilities including a beautiful hotel where you can enjoy comfortable accommodation. The photographs to the left and right page show the spa and hotel facility in Thermopiles.

Natural Spas in Greece

Also at the county of Fthiotida there are the spas of Kamena Vourla for rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago, kidney problems, skin problems and circulation problems. At Kamena Vourla, there are lots of hotel and accommodation facilities, as well as a selection of restaurants, bars and tavernas. One of the hotels in Kamena Vourla, which is organsied by the government, even has the facilities for the spa inside its hotel.

The island of Evia is also very popular with visitors looking for therapeutic and relaxing holidays. The town of Edipsos (Aidipsos) on Evia is often referred to as the "Spa Town" of the island, as there are a huge number of natural spas and springs located all around the region. The spas here have been known about since ancient times, and the town is very popular with both Greeks and visitors from all over the world.