Walking Holidays around Greece

Greece is a very rural and beautiful country and is the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy trekking and hiking. There are lots of fantastic routes and paths you can follow that will give you a fascinating insight into the natural beauty of the country.

Trekking in Greece

Whether you are on the mainland of one of the delightful Greek islands, you will always have the chance to enjoy some trekking and venture out away from the crowds into a more peaceful and inspiring setting. The mainland in destinations such as Pelion, Peoponnese, Meteora and Zagoria are among the most popular hiking locations in Greece and the diverse and varied landscapes make them the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

The islands as well also have some great locations such as Crete, the largest island in Greece, and home to the magical Samaria Gorge, which attracts huge numbers of visitors each year.

The geology of Greece is extremely varied, and you can pass by deep gorges, flowing rivers, rich and vibrant countryside, imposing mountains and not forgetting the wonderful ancient archaeological sites you can find around every corner of the country. Agro and alternative tourism are becoming more and more popular in Greece with lots of visitors wanting to enjoy a different type of experience, rather than simply lie on the beach all day.

There are a number of trekking and hiking clubs operating all over the country and they arrange walks throughout the year. There are also various alternative tourism providers who organize a whole range of outdoor activities and adventures such as trekking, climbing, kayaking and much more.

Hiking holidays in Greece

If you are want to enjoy trekking when you are next in Greece, it is advisable to do so with the help of one of these clubs or organizations, as they will be able to offer you the best advice, as well as provide different group walks which you can participate in.

There are even a number of travel agencies that can arrange trekking holidays in Greece, where you will have a full itinerary each day with the routes and places you will visit. These are ideal solutions if you are travelling in a group, as they can be a lot easier to organize, rather than trying to plan everything yourself.

Below are some of the most popular hiking and trekking destinations in Greece.

Mount Olympus

This is the more famous mountain range in Greece and is an ideal destination for walking. The mountain reaches a height of 2917 meters, and is the second largest mountain in the Balkan range. Home to the 12 Gods of Ancient Greece, the mountain has always had a mystic surrounding it and has always been attracting visitors. Here you will find rocky peaks, gorges and rich forests, and there are a number of marked walking routes that you can follow.

Pindos Mountains

This impressive mountain range is located along the Greek and Albania border in the west of Greece and is approximately 160km in length. This range is often referred to as the “spine of Greece” as it runs north to south. The highest peak is Mount Smolikas at an altitude of 2637 meters. The range of characterized by steep mountains and deep canyons and valleys.

Mount Pelion

The Pelion peninsula is a remarkable part of Greece and is a travel destination that you can visit anytime of the year. The mountains are very green with natural springs and streams, rich vegetation and forests of beech, chestnut and oak trees. There are a number of marked paths that you can follow and enjoy walking around this extremely beautiful part of the country.


The largest of all Greek islands, and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean, Crete has a mountain range that runs from the east to west side of the island. These mountains are a combination of various ranges including the white mountains, named after the white limestone summits, in addition to the snow that settles on them during the winter. There are also the Kedros, Dikti, Idi and Thripti ranges that also offer a unique landscape for your trekking and hiking experiences on the island. The most popular destination for trekking in Crete is the Samaria gorge, which is one of the main tourist attractions on the island, and which is today a national park.