The Unique Coastline of Greece

With the geographic location of Greece, and the fact that it is surrounded by over 12,000 km of coastline, you can be sure that you will be able to find a huge selection of beautiful beaches spread out all over Greece and the Greek Islands.

Best Beaches in Greece

The variety of beaches that be found around Greece is immense. There are stunning sandy beaches with crystal fresh blue waters, beaches with white pebbles, beaches with forest and pine trees leading all the way down to them, and so much more.

There are also private beaches that operate all over Greece, and these beaches are accessible for a small fee. Most of these private beaches have snack bars and cafes, as well as changing facilities, showers and toilets. Other private beaches operate pool slides as well as other fun activities, which can keep both children and adults occupied for hours.

Greece and the Greek islands are the perfect holiday destination for lovers of the sea and beaches. All of the beaches that you can find around Greece all offer their own unique piece of summer magic as well as natural beauty. It is not uncommon to find a small secluded hamlet somewhere, and have your own "private beach" for the day.

Greek beach guide

It is quite difficult to come up with a definitive list of the top beaches in Greece, as it would really depend on the type of beach that an individual is looking for. Some beaches are full of people and families having fun. Others are very quiet and peaceful. However, below is a small selection of some of the beaches around Greece that have been noted by many as being "amongst the best" in Greece.

Plaka Beach - Naxos

The island of Naxos is home to some of the most glorious beaches in the Cyclades. On Naxos, you can find very long stretches of sandy beaches, which are very clean along the island. Plaka beach is a beautiful three-mile stretch of shoreline, which is actually undeveloped, and seemingly deserted. It is an ideal place to enjoy the beach and sea, away from more busy and noisier beaches on the island.

Vroulidia Beach - Chios

Situated to the south of Chios island, is the small but beautiful Vroulidia beach. With its stunning white sand, and the overhanging rock on the cove that actually hides most of the beach from passers-by, this beach is one that is rarely crowded. You will surely enjoy your times here at Vroulidia.

Lalaria Beach - Skiathos

This beautiful white-pebbled beach in Skiathos is one of the gems of the Sporades Islands. It has beautiful blue green waters, with white cliffs, and is visually stunning to look at. One of the main reasons why this beach is so beautiful is that it is not as easy to reach as other popular beaches on the island. If you have the patience to make your way down to the beach, you will surely be rewarded once you set down to enjoy the summer sun and sea.

Mikro Beach - Pelion Peninsula

Mikro is one of the many secrets that the region of Pelion has to offer. This beautiful sandy beach is ideal for relaxing holidays in Greece. With a selection of bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as several accommodation establishments, this will be a perfect choice for peaceful family holidays in Greece.