Naxos Island Holidays

The magical island of Naxos, situated centrally, is the largest of the Cyclades islands. It is an island literally swimming in history and beauty, and one that provides visitors with the perfect setting in which to enjoy beautiful holidays in Greece.

Naxos Island - Greece

The history of Naxos stretches back to 6000 years, and this is evident from the number of monuments and archaeological sites that you will find on the island.

It was the economic and cultural centre of the Cyclades during the Archaic, the Byzantine and the later years. Much of the islands wealth came from the fertile land that was ideal for cultivation as well as from the mining of smyrida.

The capital and harbour of Naxos is Chora (Hora) and it is this setting that visitors will be greeted to as they arrive by boat. On top of a hill on the left side of the harbour is the remaining gate of the Temple of Apollo, known as "Portara".

The new city of Chora is one where visitors will find all modern services and facilities. It was built beneath and around the medieval castle, inside which the old city that is beautifully connected by small narrow streets.

The old city is a wonderful place to take a walk, and as you pass along the narrow yet colourful streets, you can easily sense as though you have taken a stop back through time.

Chora is also home to the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, and this is well worth visiting, where you can see a wonderful display of artifacts, findings and archaeological discoveries that were found around the island.

Holidays in Naxos Greece

There are several other popular attractions on Naxos, such as ruins of various ancient temples, as well as various Byzantine churches that be found all over the island. If you visit Apollonas, you will have the chance to see up close the huge ancient statue of Kouros, still laying at the spot that it was sculptured.

Naxos has some very beautiful summer resorts such as Agia Anna and Prokopis, which are only 6km from Chora. These resorts are built on the coast of one of the most beaches you will find anywhere in Greece.

There are many other wonderful beaches around the island that provide the perfect setting for relaxing and fun filled summer holidays. These include the popular beaches of Plaka, Psili Ammos and Ahios Mamas.

For those who enjoying exploring and trekking, there are some lovely excursions that visitors can take starting from Chora that head towards the beautiful mount Zeus. Along the way you will pass through Sagri and Filoti, and finally reach Apiranthos, one of the most charming and traditional villages on the island.

Naxos Travel Guide

On the return journey of the tour, you should pass by the other side and make a stop at the picturesque areas of Koronida and Apollonas. The tour can take quiet some time, so it is best to do this is you have time to spend on the island.

Naxos has an excellent infrastructure for tourism, and there is a huge variety of accommodation available on the island that includes studios, apartments and rooms to let, as well as a splendid selection of hotels of all categories.

For food and drink, there are many lovely tavernas and cafes where you can find great food, and pleasant company. Naxos is a true holiday destination in the Cyclades that has something for everyone.

The island has excellent boat connections with the ports of Pireaus and Rafina in Athens, as well as to other islands in the Cyclades. Naxos also has air connections with the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport.