Rethymno Crete Holidays

The county of Rethymno, located between Chania to the west and Herakleion to the east, is one that offers a diverse selection of beautiful destinations for your holidays and travels.

Rethymno Crete - Greece

Rethymno is the most mountainous of all four counties of Crete. It is a major production centre for olive oil, olives and vegetables on Crete. The landscape here is one that cries out to be explored, and those who are travelling by car or bike can venture off and explore many of the hidden gems of Rethymno.

The town of Rethymno is the smallest of the three historic towns of Crete, and has the smallest population. Due to it’s geographic position, it was used as a way-station and a refuge in times of trouble by the Venetian rulers.

The town is one of immense charm and inspiration. The Venetian fortress that overlooks the sea is a great place to visit. Here, you can walk around the site of the fortress and enjoy some panoramic views stretching out over the sea.

As with the old town of Chania, there is a very charming harbor in Rethymno, which is lined with old but colourful Venetian buildings and structures. The colourful fishing boats create a very charming setting, and around the water you can find a café bar, and sit back with a drink and enjoying the lovely scenery.

Bali in Rethymno Crete

The old town of Rethymno has not been as well kept as that of Chania, though it is still a very interesting and nice place to visit. The narrow Venetian alleyways with old houses with wooden balconies offer a sense of years gone by.

The unique mansions, as well as the well kept buildings make the town one that is great for exploring. You can easily spend an afternoon simply walking around the narrow streets, looking up at the old houses, and the quaint churches that are scattered around the area.

For those who enjoy the beach, there are some very beautiful and popular beaches located to the east of Rethymno town. Two of the most popular along the northern coast of Rethymno are the beaches found at Panormas and Bali. Here you can lie back on the soft sands, and bathe in the crystal blue waters. Along the southern coast are some very nice beaches, including those of Plakias and Agia Galini.

Old Habrour of Rethymno Crete

Though there are not as many archaeological sites found in the county of Rethymno, there are several other sites that more than compensate for this. One of the most popular is the stunning cave of Idaen. It is here that legend tells us that the mythical Zeus was raised. Findings in and around this area by archaeologists have also brought to light various findings from the Minoan period. Other places of interest in Rethymno include the heroic Arkadi Monastery that is often referred to as the symbol of liberty.

Rethymno is a very beautiful part of Crete, and makes an excellent base from which one can venture out and explore the neighbouring counties of Chania and Heraklion. Whether you are looking for a holiday in Crete to simply unwind and relax, or one filled with fun and adventure, you can be confident that the county of Rethymno has everything you could possibly desire.