Flights to Destinations in Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful and unique holiday destinations in the world, and the Greek islands are very famous for their beauty, magic and scenery. With so many stunning locations to visit, the only question you'll need to answer is which one are you heading to ?

Air Tickets to Greece

All around Greece you will find a number of international and national airports that cater for flights to and from some of the most popular holiday and travel destinations in the country, as well as some lesser known regions.

The biggest and busiest airport in Greece is the Athens International Airport, with over 20 million passengers passing through in 2016. The majority of visitors to Greece arrive by air in Athens, and from there travel on to their final destination. There are good public transport connections between the airport and the city of Athens and the port of Piraeus from where you can catch a ferry to one of the many Greek islands. Athens airport also caters for domestic flights to over airports around Greece and the Greek islands.

If you are planning on travelling domestically by air in Greece during the summer months then it is advisable to book your air tickets well in advance, as demand is often very high during the months of June, July and August. Flying to some of the Greek islands such as Crete or Rhodes is a lot quicker than taking a ferry boat, which could take anything up to 12 hours or more when departing from Piraeus.

Flights around Greece with Aegean Airlines

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Airports in Greece

Below you will find information about airports in Greece and the Greek islands.

International Airports in Greece

Location / City IATA Code Airport Name Tel ( +30 )
Alexandroupoli AXD Alexandroupolis Airport - Democritus 25510 89300
Athens ATH Athens Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos 210 353 4153
Chania - Crete CHQ Chania Airport - Ioannis Daskalogiannis 28210 83800
Corfu CFU Corfu Island Airport - Ioannis Kapodistrias 26610 89600
Heraklion - Crete HER Heraklion Airport - Nikos Kazantzakis 28103 97800
Kalamata - Peloponnese KLX Kalamata Airport - Cap. Vassilis Constantakopoulos 27210 63805
Kavala - Macedonia KVA Kavala Airport - Megas Alexandros 25910 53400
Kefalonia EFL Kefalonia Airport - Anna Pollatou 26710 29900
Kos KGS Kos Airport - Hippocrates 22420 56000
Limnos LXS Limnos Airport - Hephaestus 22540 29400
Mytilini - Lesvos MJT Mytilini Airport - Odysseas Elitis 22510 38700
Rhodes RHO Rhodes Airport - Diagoras 22410 88700
Samos SMI Samos Airport - Aristarchus of Samos 22730 87800
Thessaloniki SGK Thessaloniki Airport - Macedonia 23109 85000
Zakynthos ZTH Zakynthos Airport - Dionisios Solomos 26950 29500

National Airports in Greece

Location / City IATA Code Airport Name Tel ( +30 )
Astypalaia JTY Astypalaia Island Airport - Panaghia 22430 61410
Chios JKH Chios Island Airport - Omiros 22710 81400
Ikaria JIK Ikaria Island Airport - Icarus 22750 32216
Ioannina - Epirus IOA Ioannina Airport - King Pyrros 26510 83600
Kalymnos JKL Kalymnos Island Airport - Pothaea 22430 59370
Karpathos AOK Karpathos Island Airport - Ammopi 22450 91120
Kastoria - Macedonia KSO Kastoria Airport - Aristotle 24670 21700
Kozani - Macedonia KZI Kozani Airport - Philip 24610 36098
Kythira KIT Kythira Airport - Alexandros Aristotelous Onassis 27360 33297
Milos MLO Milos Island Airport - Aphrodite 22870 28410
Mykonos JMK Mykonos Island Airport - Dilos 22890 79000
Naxos JNX Naxos Island Airport - Apollon 22850 24816
Paros PAS Paros Island Airport - Panteleou Paros 22840 90510
Patras - Araxos GPA Araxos Airport - Agamemnon 26930 54000
Preveza - Lefkada PVK Aktion Airport - Lefkada Airport 26820 26113
Santorini - Thira JTR Santorini Island Airport - Zefiros 22860 28400
Skiathos JSI Skiathos Island Airport - Alexandros Papadiamantis 24270 29105
Skyros SKU Skyros Island Airport - Aegean 22220 91607
Syros JSY Syros Island Airport - Demetrius Vikelas 22810 79545
Volos - Pelion VOL Nea Anhialos/Volos Airport - Volos Airport 24280 76886