Holidays in Macedonia Greece

When most people think of holidays in Greece, they think about Athens or the Greek Islands. However, the region of Northern Greece has so much to offer, that it would be a real shame if you were not to pay this beautiful region of Greece a visit.

Macedonia Greece

One of the prefectures of Northern Greece, Macedonia (Makedonia), is the second largest prefecture in all of Greece, and the city of Thessaloniki is the second most important in Greece after Athens.

Macedonia constitutes the natural exit of the Balkan peninsula to the Aegean Sea. It borders with Albania on the north-west, with FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) and Bulgaria on the north, and with the charming region of Thrace on the east.

Geographically, the region of Macedonia is broken down into three smaller areas, consisting of West Macedonia, Central Macedonia and East Macedonia.

Holidays in Macedonia Greece

Mount Olympus, the home of Zeus, borders the counties of Macedonia and Thessaly. From this famous mountain, you can easily see the importance of the region.The region of Halkidiki is home to the cave of Petrolona, where the remains of the earliest inhabitants of Greece where found, dating back over 700,000 years.

Historically, the Macedonia region of Greece was very important. In ancient times the area would become one of the most powerful in the world, with the birth and rise of Alexander The Great.

Other very important figures in Greek history are associated with the region of Northern Greece. The famous palace became home to many figures in ancient times including the philosopher Aristotle.

Macedonia Greece Travel Guide

There are some truly stunning areas and places to visit in Northern Greece, which are like no other to be found anywhere in the rest of Greece. The famous Prespa Lakes are one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Europe, and of course, Mount Olympus, which is the tallest mountain in Greece.

The stunning area of Halkidiki, which resembles the "three fingers" in the middle of Northern Greece, is a very beautiful region, with many resorts and perfect beaches for family holidays.

Macedonia is a cradle of culture but also deep religious faith, dowered with a natural wealth of infrequent beauty. Macedonia is visited by tens of thousands of people that they come from all over the world to experiece this unique region, and it's immense natural and wid beauty withe the blue waters of the sea and the mountainous forests. Many visitors come to admire the monuments and the Byzantine churches.

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East Macedonia

East Macedonia

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