Best Tours and Activities in Corfu

Corfu is a beautiful and historic island with plenty to keep visitors busy. Taking the opportunity to experience a tour here can create lasting memories, as Corfu has a range of amazing attractions.

Start by discovering its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its Venetian and British architecture showcasing the island's colourful buildings in narrow winding streets. The 16th century fortress, with its sweeping views of the town and distant sea, should also be on your list! Of course, you can’t miss out on the beaches either – particularly Paleokastritsa beach on the west coast which sparkles beneath crystal-clear waters that rivals those seen in movies! Boating trips to nearby Diapondia islets will expand this sun-soaked adventure even further.

The cultural side of things is another great part about Corfu. Visit the ancient city of Kassiopi for an insight into life thousands of years ago or take a look around Achillion Palace where Empress Elisabeth of Austria once stayed - now open to visitors with its impressive architecture, lush gardens and stunning views over the island. Exploring traditional villages is also a great way to get an authentic glimpse into Greek lifestyle while enjoying delicious cuisine in local tavernas.

With culture, history and natural beauty found throughout Corfu - it makes for an unforgettable tour which leaves you dreaming of your return one day soon!

20 Corfu Tours and Experiences Available to Book Online


  • Guided Adventure Dives in Corfu

    Guided Adventure Dives in Corfu

      2 hours

    The Fun Dive is an opportunity for experienced divers in Corfu to explore the rich marine life in the Ionian sea. Participants will dive from a boat to explore one of the reefs, where they can find majestic coral formations and diverse fish species. The highlight of the dive is swimming with the Caretta-Caretta sea .....

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  • Ghost Stories and Legends Tour in Corfu

    Ghost Stories and Legends Tour in Corfu

      2 hours

    Join us on a spine-tingling tour of Corfu Old Town, and learn about the dark mysteries that have inspired local legends and traditions. Your guide will take you on an exciting journey through the cobbled streets and ancient buildings, sharing tales of ghosts, intrigue and suspense. This is not your typical historical tour – so be prepared to be amazed and disturbed in equal .....

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  • Parasailing flight over Dassia Beach in Corfu

    Parasailing flight over Dassia Beach in Corfu

      15 minutes

    If you're looking for something to do while on vacation in Corfu, then parasailing is the perfect activity. You'll be taken up 50 meters high over crystal clear water with breathtaking views of this incredible island down below! It's an experience that everyone can enjoy - even those who don't know how to fly or to swim well enough yet will still get their chance at .....

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  • Achilleion Palace, Palaiokastritsa, and Old Town Tour of Corfu

    Achilleion Palace, Palaiokastritsa, and Old Town Tour of Corfu

      4 hours

    Visit three of Corfu's highlights in one action-packed day. Begin with a tour of the Achilleion Palace, then head to Palaiokastritsa for a boat ride and swimming, and finally explore the Old Town. marvel at the many protected monuments and buildings. Take a stroll to the largest square in the Balkans, then wander through the narrow streets of the town as you soak up the authentic atmosphere and experience life like a .....

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  • 3 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Hiking Holiday in Corfu

    3 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Hiking Holiday in Corfu

      3 days

    Nourish yourself with a daily yoga and meditation practice, healthy food for the journey to self-discovery. This Corfu Yoga Holiday will offer you serenity in this vacation home where we can reconnect through physical wellness as well mental clarity that comes from connecting our minds back into nature's clutches! You'll be able to rejuvenate both body & soul during these few days of restful relaxation on one island .....

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  • Discover Scuba Diving in Corfu

    Discover Scuba Diving in Corfu

      2 hours

    This thrilling scuba diving experience will take you to explore the hidden underwater world of the beautiful island of Corfu. Even if you have no experience, with an experienced instructor you can dive and explore the stunning marine life for 35-40 minutes! The diving centre is found in Kontokali bay, which is ideal for beginners as the water is shallow. Around the bay, there are reefs and a big variety of fish life to be seen. .....

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  • Walking Tour and Local Food Tastings in Corfu

    Walking Tour and Local Food Tastings in Corfu

      3 hours

    Walk the narrow paths and charming alleys of Corfu town with a licensed, English-speaking guide to see historic highlights, such as the Old Fortress. Visit the former residence of the British Lord High Commissioner at the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. Discover hidden squares, old city walls and fountains of the town center. Break for a big breakfast of traditional food, such as cheese pie, spinach pie, loukoumades (donuts), Greek yoghurt .....

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  • Full-day Sailing & Snorkeling Tour in Corfu

    Full-day Sailing & Snorkeling Tour in Corfu

      9 hours

    If you're looking for a unique way to explore the crystal clear waters of Corfu, look no further than a sailing tour. Snorkel and swim around the crystal clear waters of Corfu on a sailing tour around the island. With traditional Greek hospitality and some of the clearest waters around, this is the perfect way to spend a day in Corfu. Sail in the morning, stopping at a number of secluded coves for swimming and lunch, before returning to the port .....

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  • Gastronomy Walking Tour in Corfu

    Gastronomy Walking Tour in Corfu

      3 hours

    The culinary journey in Corfu will introduce you to some of the best-hidden eating spots in town, where you can taste local delicacies and learn about their history. You will also meet local food artisans and traders who will share their secrets of Corfiot cuisine. They will show you how to use various seasonings and ingredients to create delicious traditional recipes. Ask for advice on how to use local produce in your own cooking, to bring a .....

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  • Private Tour of Corfu Town and Achillion Palace

    Private Tour of Corfu Town and Achillion Palace

      4 hours

    This Corfu Private Tour takes guests to the Achillion Palace, the summer residence of Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sissy). Afterward, they will explore Corfu Town's old part which has been protected by UNESCO. Along the way, there is an opportunity to taste some local food like souvlaki, pita and tzatziki upon request. This tour provides a great chance for tourists to get acquainted with Corfu’s culture and history in one .....

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  • Tandem Paragliding Flight in Corfu

    Tandem Paragliding Flight in Corfu

      30 minutes

    Corfu is a great place for a tandem paragliding flight. With its beautiful beaches, green landscape, and Venetian-influenced architecture, there's something for everyone to see and enjoy. Relax and take in the views while your friendly and professional pilot takes care of you. Paragliding is a great way to explore all that this gorgeous island has to .....

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  • Wakeboarding Session in Corfu

    Wakeboarding Session in Corfu

      10 to 20 minutes

    The water of Dassia Bay is an ideal surface for learning how to wakeboard. Whether you're experienced or just starting out, there's something in store! You can take 20 minutes of your time and get hooked on the sport with one ten-minute lesson that will leave no room left wanting when it comes down right now mastering this fun activity at our facility .....

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  • SUP at Dassia Beach in Corfu

    SUP at Dassia Beach in Corfu

      30 mins to 2 hours

    Paddle around the beautiful crystal clear waters of Dassia beach on Corfu and try SUP! This fast-growing watersport has its roots in Polynesia and doesn't require any specific skills, making it perfect for all ages. It's a great way to combine exercise with fun. The gorgeous scenery and crystal clear waters of Dassia beach make it the perfect place to try SUP for the first .....

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  • IANTD Open Water Diving Course in Corfu

    IANTD Open Water Diving Course in Corfu

      4 to 7 days

    The International Association Of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) Open Water Course helps you become a confident, safe diver, with the skills and knowledge to explore diving spots all over the world. The course in Corfu provides you with a variety of settings in which to put your new skills into practice, from reefs to walls and small caverns. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate that allows you to dive .....

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  • Blue Lagoon & Sivota Cruise from Corfu

    Blue Lagoon & Sivota Cruise from Corfu

      10 hours

    Blue Lagoon Cruise offers an exciting excursion for nature and adventure lovers. It is a relaxing cruise to the bluest coasts of continental Greece, where guests can explore the deep blue sea beds, unique nature and historical cave of Papanikolis. The trip includes a stop at Blue Lagoon beach with one hour of snorkeling or simply enjoying the beautiful .....

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  • Photography Workshop in Corfu

    Photography Workshop in Corfu

      2 hours

    This experience in Corfu Old Town offers a unique opportunity to explore and photograph some of the hidden gems that many tourists never get to see. Along with iconic landmarks such as the old fortress, Saint Spiridon church, and the port, you will also learn how to take amazing travel photographs. You'll be guided through settings for choosing good frames, exposing photos correctly, focusing on the right points and selecting optimal aperture .....

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  • Evening Guided Tour With Wine in Corfu Town

    Evening Guided Tour With Wine in Corfu Town

      2 hours

    Let your professional tour guide take you on a walk through the historic center of Corfu, pointing out all the highlights along the way. You'll get to see the town in a new light as you stroll around its streets by moonlight. As you walk around the renowned Liston, admire its French-style architecture and discover the cafés and bars that surround it, bustling with life until the wee hours. You'll also get to see the Palace of St. Michael and .....

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  • 5 Day Horse Trekking Holiday in Corfu

    5 Day Horse Trekking Holiday in Corfu

      5 days

    With Arena Horse Riding in Corfu you enjoy a memorable experience with their various horse riding activities. They have everything from trail rides, beach-style hacks alongside crystal clear waters or swims in the Mediterranean sea while galloping through olive groves followed by eucalyptus trees which give way for cypress forests as you journey onward into an unknown elsewhere! In addition, they offer lessons that will make any novice feel at .....

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  • Parasailing Flight over Sidari Beach in Corfu

    Parasailing Flight over Sidari Beach in Corfu

      5 to 7 minutes

    If you and your loved one are looking for an adventurous activity that requires no experience, then look no further than parasailing. The views from the sky will be stunning as we fly over the pristine coastline or even dive into crystal-clear waters off Sidari’s coastlines! You can try it out without any worries because this is considered one of the safest water sports in the .....

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  • Historic Buildings and Great Personalities Tour in Corfu

    Historic Buildings and Great Personalities Tour in Corfu

      3 hours

    Corfu is a beautiful island with a rich history and culture. This walking tour will take you through some of the most iconic buildings in Corfu Town, including the Old Fortress, Spianada Square, and the elegant Liston building. You'll also visit places where some of the most eminent personalities lived, like the Ionian Parliament and the Ionian University. In the end, you'll tour the Casa Parlante mansion, which has been turned into a living .....

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