The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and each year millions of travellers from all over the world visit to come and enjoy some truly unique holidays and experiences.

Honeymoons in Greece

It is also a very prominent destination for honeymoons, and there are lots of perfect locations that you can spend together with your partner. Whether you choose one of the more peaceful and quieter islands, or one of busy and cosmopolitan ones, you can find the dream destination and enjoy some magical moments together.

A lot of couples will often spend time on a selection of different locations in Greece during their summertime honeymoon, rather than stay in one place. The Greek islands are the perfect place for such honeymoons, where travelling around the islands is a very easy experience.

Winter honeymoons in Greece are also very popular, and there are lots of wonderful winter destinations around the country that are perfect. If you enjoy ski and winter sports, then why combine them with your honeymoon, and enjoy the beauty of Greece as it is covered in a thick blanket of white snow.

Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

The Greek islands though are the most popular choice for honeymoons in Greece, and with such gorgeous destinations as Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu, who could argue with that ?

Which Greek island for your honeymoon ?

Below are some of the most popular Greek island destinations for honeymoons in Greece. Though there are lots of stunning locations all around the country, these are amongst the most popular for newlyweds. The best time for visiting the islands is from May through to October. If you are looking for a peaceful honeymoon, then it would be advisable to try and avoid the peak summer months of July and August.


One of the most unique and beautiful of all Greek islands, Santorini is a place of exceptional charm and beauty, and is one of the most visited islands in Greece. The scenery of the deep blue waters of the caldera with the white washed houses and blue domed churches almost clinging to the sides is an image that really needs to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated.

Honeymoons in Santorini

There are lots of fantastic resorts and villas in Santorini where you can enjoy some very peaceful and private moments, enjoying some of the most stunning views and mesmorising sunsets you will see anywhere in Greece. With its delicious local cuisine and fine wine, the island of Santorini is one of the ultimate travel destinations in Greece, and is always one of the top of the list among couples planning their honeymoon getaway.


Mykonos is another one of the Cyclades islands that is famous the world over, and which attracts huge numbers of visitors each year. With its stunning beaches, famed nightlife and entertainment, and some wonderfully peaceful locations, Mykonos provides the perfect setting for a relaxing and enjoyable honeymoon in the Aegean.

Honeymoons in Mykonos

You’ll find an excellent selection of accommodation including some truly luxurious hotels and stunning private villas. With the great beaches you can find on the coast, as well as the lovely villages and destinations such as Little Venice, you and your partner can enjoy and create some very special memories here.


The island of Rhodes is the largest in the group of Dodecanese islands, and has so many great destinations for honeymooners. Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan resort, or something a little quieter, there will be something to suit everyone’s needs.

Honeymoons in Rhodes

The old town of Rhodes is a perfect place for a walk with your loved one, and you can marvel at the beautiful Medieval centre and see the Italian and Ottoman influences that shaped the style of this part of the island. There are lots of beautiful resorts, villas and boutique hotels where you can find perfect accommodation for your honeymoon, as well as lots of great places where you can eat and drink.


Located in the west side of Greece, the Ionian islands are a small chain of islands that offer a great choice of beautiful destinations for honeymoons and travel. Corfu is the most famous of the Ionian islands and is a firm favourite with visitors coming from all over the world.

Honeymoons in Corfu

The beautiful old town of Corfu is like taking a step back in time, and you can enjoy some wonderfully romantic times together. There are lots of very interesting places to see on the island, and there are lots of places where you can easily escape from the crowds and find some more privacy and peaceful moments.

There are lots of travel agencies, both local and international, that can help you arrange your honeymoon in Greece. You can also easily arrange it yourself, and find the perfect hotel or accommodation where you want to spend some special moments with your loved one. There are lots of hotels all over Greece that are perfect for honeymooners, and many have special facilities and services to help you enjoy the best honeymoon possible.