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A Parthenon on our Roof by Peter Barber

In A Parthenon On Our Roof, we encounter Alexandra, a creation of Greek Fire, born in the cradle of civilization. Raised on the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers and inspired by the courage of Spartans, she carries millennia of cultural heritage within her.

A Parthenon on our Roof by Peter BarberEnter Peter, her future husband—a tea-drinking, biscuit-dunking product of British society. He works to get by, without grand ambitions or dreams, until love strikes and everything shifts.

What could go wrong?

A Parthenon On Our Roof chronicles Alexandra’s mission to mould Peter from a typical reserved Brit into a figure reminiscent of Achilles—sharp of sword and mind. Their journey, at times boisterous and others cringe-worthy, opens Peter’s eyes to the world and forever alters his perspective on life.

Take a look at what some readers had to say:

“Hugely enjoyable book”
Irena Karafilly, author of Arrested Song

“Takes you right into Greece!”
Alex Morton, author of Somewhere Else

“Comical, though moving”
The Greek Herald

“I laughed out loud more than once during this read, and I added a few locations to my Greek travel wish list, too.”
Sally Jane Smith, Author of Unpacking for Greece

About the Author

Peter BarberAward-winning and bestselling author Peter Barber expresses his deep affection for his adopted homeland through his “Parthenon Series” of travel memoirs. His stories, both humorous and heartfelt, have endeared him to readers worldwide.

Marriage to his spirited Greek wife, Alexandra, transformed Peter’s life in unexpected ways. Embracing Greek family life and settling in Greece proved to be a significant adjustment for the London native. Fascinated by Greek culture and the warmth of its people, Peter yearned to immerse himself fully in Greek life.

From cultural faux pas and language mishaps to the challenges of renovating their home in Glyfada, Barber often found himself navigating more than he had bargained for. Yet, with his characteristic wit, he turned their escapades into amusing anecdotes. Delving deeper into Greece’s rich history, embracing his new family, and adapting to modern Greek life, Peter felt compelled to share his transformative experiences with others.