Evritania Holidays

The county of Evritania is sandwiched between those of Etolaokarnania on the west and Fthiotida on the east. It is a region of Central Greece that offers visitors the chance to sample immense natural beauty, and provides a perfect setting in which to enjoy unspoilt and rewarding holidays throughout the year.

Evritania - Greece

The name of Evritania comes from the mythical King of Oehalia Evritos. The region is the homeland of Zacharia Papantoniou who was famous for literature. Other successful individuals in the fields of literature, science and arts also came from here.

There is great history to this part of Central Greece. Throughout the centuries, the independence of the region remained intact due to both the bravery of the local inhabitants, as well as the difficulty in reaching the region in the old times.

The main city of Evritania is that of Karpenisi, a beautiful and picturesque city, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Tymfristos, at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Karpenisi has a well organised infrastructure for tourism, and visitors here will find an excellent choice of hotels, rooms to let and other forms of accommodation.

Holidays in Evritania Greece

The surrounding villages are also ideal for visiting, and you will find accommodation in these as well. Karpenisi has national bus connections (KTEL) to Athens.

During the winter months, the region is filled with travellers from all over Greece and beyond who have come to enjoy ski and winter sports at the popular ski centre of "Velhouhi". The ski facilities here are excellent, and the whole atmosphere is very warm and friendly.

The region is also very popular for those who enjoy and appreciate alternative tourism. Various activities such as trekking, horse riding, canoe-kayak and many others are available. The entire region is ideal for those who love nature, as well as some adventure and action.

Evritania Travel Guide

Evritania is a part of Central Greece that offers visitors a really wide diversity of holidays throughout the year. As well as its popular destinations, it is also an area or rich natural beauty and inspiring scenery and landscapes. Heading towards the Proussos monastery, you will pass through quaint villages such as Koryshades, Mikro and Mehalo Horio, each of which offer an exquisite charm and beauty about them.

If you are in Evritania during the summer months, then you can take part in excursions to "Krikellopotamo" and the "Pantebrehi" Gorge. The name of the gorge translates as meaning "it always rains".

The river Ahellos and the beautiful scenic routes that one can follow offer a real chance to get back to basics with nature, and away from the noise, crowds and stress of everyday city life. Whatever time of the year you are planning to visit Evritania, you will not be disappointed.