Kefalonia Island Holidays

The island of Kefalonia is the largest of all islands in the Ionian. It is a very mountainous island, full of rich vegetation and greenery.

Kefalonia Island - Greece

The coastline of the island varies from rocky to sandy, and the entire island is one of exceptional beauty, providing a perfect setting for your Kefalonia holidays. The capital of Kefalonia is the city of Argostoli, which is a relatively modern city. The original city was completely destroyed by the infamous earthquakes of 1953.

Kefalonia provides a wonderful range of interesting sites and places to visit whilst on the island. The most interesting area for sightseeing is that of the "Kastro" castle, which was once the medieval capital of the island. In this area you will also find the monastery with the church of "Agios Gerasimos", the protector of the city.

This part of Kefalonia is also famous for the "Katavothres", which is one of the most infrequent geological phenomena. This is when the waters of the sea enter the land, and are then lost in the depths of the earth.

Apart from Argostoli, there are also several other interesting cities and town on Kefalonia. The city of Lixouri is the second largest on the island, and is built on the opposite bank of the large bay. Here you will find an array of nice beaches and luschious nature. The unique beach of "Xi", with it's red sand is one of the most popular in the region.

Beach in Kefalonia Greece

Another popular tourist destination on Kefalonia is that of "Lassi", which is situated close to the city of Argostoli. In Lassi, you will find some very lively nightlife and entertainment.

Heading towards the city and harbour of "Sami", which is an important harbour on Kefalonia, you will find the cave of "Drogaratis" where visitors can see the splendid decor of the stalagmites and stalactites. Further north from here is the magical cave of Melissani with it's unique lake that provides a fascinating image, where the beams of the sun hit the water from the open roof of the cave.

On the road towards "Fiskardo", which is a picturesque fishing port and popular destination for boat owners, you will come across one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, that of "Myrtos". This beach is exceptional in beauty and is always popular during the summer season. Here you will also see the delightful village of "Asos" with the Venetian fortress.

Holidays Kefalonia Island

Situated in the south of the island is the national park of Kefalonia, which is home to the highest mountain out of all the Ionian islands, that of "Ainos", which reaches up to an altitude of 1,628 meters.

Kefalonia is an island of extreme natural beauty, interesting cities and towns, wonderful beaches, and a destination that is top of the list for many visitors to Greece. Over the past few years, the island has steadily become a very popular holiday destination for both visitors from other areas of Greece as well as the rest of the world.

With it's airport catering for both international and domestic flights, as well as good bus and boat connections to other regions of Greece, the island of Kefalonia is one that everyone should visit. The time you spend here will be one you will always come to love and cherish.