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A Parthenon in Pefki by Peter Barber

The award-winning and bestselling A Parthenon in Pefki invites readers back to Greece alongside Peter and Alexandra.

A Parthenon in Pefki by Peter BarberHaving meticulously crafted their new apartment (complete with a miniature Parthenon) in a chic Athens suburb, Englishman Peter and his Greek wife Alexandra venture to explore life in an authentic fishing village on a Greek island. Instantly captivated by Pefki, they decide to embark on building their dream home there.

Yet, beneath its tranquil exterior lies a village teeming with hidden complexities. Undeterred, Peter and his spirited wife delve deeper, uncovering a tapestry of secrets. Embracing the village’s captivating culture, their journey unfolds with surprising and comedic twists.

What could disrupt their paradise?

Take a look at what some readers had to say:

“The romantic comedy of the year”
Red Feather Romance

“This book is so good, so true to Greek life that I need to read it again, slowly to absorb it.”
Suzi Stembridge, author of ‘Greek Letters’ series

“A Parthenon in Pefki: Further Adventures of an Anglo-Greek Marriage is more than a memoir; it is a journey into cultural discovery and an adventure about taking risks. The portrayal of Greek life and love has left me looking forward to more works in this series to find out where life takes Alex and Peter next.”
Literary Titan

About the Author

Peter BarberAward-winning and bestselling author Peter Barber expresses his deep affection for his adopted homeland through his “Parthenon Series” of travel memoirs. His stories, both humorous and heartfelt, have endeared him to readers worldwide.

Marriage to his spirited Greek wife, Alexandra, transformed Peter’s life in unexpected ways. Embracing Greek family life and settling in Greece proved to be a significant adjustment for the London native. Fascinated by Greek culture and the warmth of its people, Peter yearned to immerse himself fully in Greek life.

From cultural faux pas and language mishaps to the challenges of renovating their home in Glyfada, Barber often found himself navigating more than he had bargained for. Yet, with his characteristic wit, he turned their escapades into amusing anecdotes. Delving deeper into Greece’s rich history, embracing his new family, and adapting to modern Greek life, Peter felt compelled to share his transformative experiences with others.