Evros Holidays

The region of Evros is one of the largest in Greece and is situated at the north east point of the country, and is a particularly strategic point. As in the rest of Thrace, the county of Evros has a population, of which a large number is from the forced population exchange that followed the treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

Evros - Thrace Greece

The geography and the morphology of Evros, combined with the climate conditions, contribute to a unique and rich biodiversity full of wild life It is actually one of the richest in the whole of Europe.

Both the fauna and wild life of Evros include infrequent species, many of which are in danger of extinction, and therefore many areas such as the forest of Dadia and the Delta of river Evros, are declared protected ecosystems under the National and European law.

Evros has a very rich history dating back over 5 million years. Findings dating back that far prove the continuous presence of Thracians in this area. Findings in the Cyclope cave of Makri, indicate that the area of Evros was inhabited since the Neolithic period.

Evros Delta in Thrace Greece

After the 7 Century BC, the area was well developed and prosperous. Many colonies were founded, mainly at the coast, with the most important being the city Mesembria. The area was part of the great Macedonian empire of Alexander the Great until 168 bC, when it fell to Roman occupation.

Much of the region of Evros is covered by beautiful and dense forests. There are a large variety of trees and fauna in these forests, and they create a unique and inspiring backdrop for your holidays in the region.

The river Evros is the biggest river in Greece and also the richest in terms of fish that can be found here. The Evros river is fished for the fish "oxyrynghos", which is famous for it's caviar. Evros is a place of immense natural beauty and places such as the Delta of the river, the Forest of Dadia and the small island of Samothraki are very impressive.

Holidays in Thrace Greece

The region is also a place of great archeological interest with exceptional monuments and sites. There are plenty magnificent beaches and modern tourist facilities and are plenty choices on offer for alternative tourism, ecotourism, religious tourism and health spas.

Whatever type of holiday and vacation you are searching for, you can be confident that Evros will be an ideal destination for you. Throughout the year, with the changing seasons, the region remains one of the most authentic and beautiful in all of Greece.