Enjoy a Coffee or Drink

At some point during your holidays to Greece, you will stop at a cafe bar for a drink or coffee. You'll find a selection of places at popular destinations all over Greece and the Greek islands.

Bars in Greece

During the summer months you'll find a lot of places open right next to the sea so you can enjoy a swim or relaxing on the beach and enjoy drinks from the local beach bar. Many of these will also offer a selection of light snacks, so you can also enjoy a bite to eat.

Many of the beach cafe bars will be open from morning through to the night. Often during the evenings you can enjoy music and dancing. Depending on which cafe bar you visit, you can enjoy Greek or international music. Some may even have life performances as well.

In cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra and Volos you'll find a great choice of cafes and bars that are open throughout the year, where you can enjoy a great night out with your parnter or friends.

There are also lots of places open during the winter season and many of these will have roaring log fires creating a very warm and cosy atmosphere. The popular ski and winter sport destinations in Greece will have lots of similar places where you can enjoy a coffee or drink after a day on the slopes.

Below you will some cafes and bars that you can pay a visit to when you are on holiday in Greece.

Dipnosofistis Wine Bar - Tsagarada

Dipnosofistis Wine Bar

Dipnosofistis is a beautiful wine bar in a quiet area of the famous Tsagarada village in Pelion. You will find a large selection of drinks and great music with a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Tel: ( + 30 ) 24260 49825
Website: dipnosofistis.com

Naftilos Coffee House - Kala Nera

Naftilos Coffee House

In the popular coastal resort of Kala Nera, head over to the Naftilos Coffee House for a coffee or drink in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The cafe is open all day throughout the year.

Tel: ( + 30 ) 24230 22329
Website: naftilos-pelion.com