Santorini Island Holidays

The island of Santorini (Thira) is perhaps the most famous of all islands, not only in the Cyclades, but the rest of Greece as well. It is an island that is instantly recognisable by the huge black rocky mountain that appears to emerge from the water.

Santorini Island - Greece

However, our eyes do not deceive us. The rock is indeed part of Santorini and an irreplaceable part of the landscapes and scenery that visitors to the island will see. The small complex of islands consisting of Thira, Thirasia and Aspronisi were formed after the volcanic eruption that took place over 3600 years ago, and which actually sank a large part of the Kallisti island.

Santorini provides some of the most unique and beautiful scenery you will find in Greece, and the setting is one that promises visitors that their holidays and time spent here will be unforgettable. The capital of Santorini is Thira (Fira), which was built on the west side of the island, 260 meters above sea level on the edge of a cliff.

There is a cablecar that will take you up to Thira from the old port, but in the older days, this journey was made by use of the local donkeys. In fact visitors to Santorini today will more than likely catch a glimpse of a donkey carrying up necessities to the village along the stone paths.

Red Beach in Santorini Greece

Santorini has many places of interest for visitors, and besides the unique landscape, there are many other interesting things to see and do. One of the most popular attractions on the island is the Archaeological and Prehistoric museums.

There are many wonderful destinations around Santorini that are perfect for enjoyable summer holidays. Located approximately 10km north of Thira is the picturesque region of Oia. This is one of the most famous villages of Santorini, and is the setting for some of the most beautiful sunsets and imagery that adorn postcards and posters at shops across the island.

In Oia you will see a magical scenery of traditional houses, castles and monasteries. There are also some beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming such as the beaches of Ammoudi and Katharos.

Heading south, passing through the traditional mainland villages such as Messaria, which is famous for the wine that is locally produced here, you will reach the east coast of the island, and meet the cosmopolitan area of Kamari that was built near to ancient Thira.

Holidays in Oia Santorini Greece

There are many splendid beaches here that are ideal for relaxation and swimming, as well as an excellent selection of accommodation and entertainment. Following the coast road, still heading south, you will pass through the picturesque wineries and pass Megalohori, and reach the charming traditional village of Emporio.

This is the largest settlement on Santorini and the agricultural centre of the island. Amongst other things, the famous fava of Santorini is produced here. Close by is Perssa, the famous beach with the black sand.

Santorini has an excellent tourism infrastructure and offers visitors a huge selection of accommodation ranging from large luxury hotels, to small traditional hotels and rooms, apartments and studios to let. There are also camping facilities available to those who enjoy roughing it with nature.

Santorini Travel Guide

Entertainment wise, Santorini will not disappoint. As well as a great selection of restaurants and tavernas serving an excellent choice of cuisine, you will find many bars and cafeterias and clubs.

The small islets around Santorini are also worth mentioning, as they provide an excellent choice of other interesting destinations in Santorini. Thirasia is the islet located opposite of Oia. The capital of this islet is Manolas, and the charming picturesque harbour is called Corfos.

Thirasia has a more traditional style typical to that of other islands found in the Cyclades, and is a popular holiday destination in it's own right. It offers visitors a very peaceful and tranquil setting in which to enjoy holidays in the Aegean.

Santorini has excellent boat connections with Athens via the port of Pireaus, and also with the famous island of Crete via the port of Heraklion. There are also local connections with other islands in both the Cyclades and in the neighbouring Dodecanese. The island also has air connections with Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport.