Kos Island Holidays

Located between the islands of Kalymnos and Nisyros, and close to the coast of Asia-minor is the cosmopolitan island of Kos The island is the third largest in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos.

Kos Island - Greece

Kos in Greece is the homeland of the world known father of medicine Hippocrates who lived and taught at the school that was based in the ancient temple of Asklipios. Everywhere on the island are reminders of the importance of Kos since the ancient years.

They city of Kos, which is also the capital and main harbour of the island, has a very charming yet relatively modern appearance. This is because the city was rebuilt after the devastating earthquakes of 1933.

There are many interesting places and sights on the the island that are well worth visiting. The Archaeological Museum of Kos is one that all visitors to the island should visit. The most important and impressive archaeological site on the island is "Asklipios".

Visitors can also see the medieval castle of the knights as well as the remains of the old city. There are also several interesting churches from the Byzantine period that are very interesting.

Holidays in Kos Greece

Another place worth visiting is the "Hyppocrates Plane Tree" that is reported to be over 2,500 years old. It is said that Hyppocrates used to heal patients under the shade of this tree when he was practicing medicine all those years ago.

Located 11km from the city of Kos is the popular tourist resort of "Tigaki". Here you will find an array of large tourist complexes that are operated by some of the most well known tour operators in the world. Near to the airport is the traditional village of Antimahia, and from here you can reach Kardamena and Mastihari, which are two of the most popular tourist destinations on Kos

Another popular destination is that of Kefalos, which was the ancient capital of Kos Here visitors will be rewarded with a selection of wonderful beaches. There are other beautiful villages scattered across the island that offer a wealth of archeological and historic interest, as well as inspiring and impressive scenery and landscapes.

Kos is a very organised island for tourism, and offers all of the facilities that the modern traveller has come to expect. The quality of services offered to visitors is always of a high standard, and the island is one that is suitable for all types of holidaymakers.

Kos Travel Guide

Whether you are looking for a Greek island where you can simply unwind and relax, or are looking for a range of activities such as watersports, diving, golf or tennis, Kos will be able to cater for everyone.

Many of the villages around Kos are ideal for exploring, and the island is very popular with those who enjoy trekking and walks along wonderful and colourful scenery. The local bus service of the island offers transportation to various places across the island.

There are many types of accommodation available for visitors to Kos including hotels, rooms, studios and apartments to let. Visitors to the island can also take the chance to sample to damous semi-sweet white wine that is produced here.

With frequent boat connections to Pireaus in Athens, as well as air connections to Athens, the island is one that is easily accessible, and can be the holiday destination that you have been dreaming about.