Best Tours and Activities in Meteora

Meteora is one of those rare places that must be seen to be believed. Located in thecountry of Thessaly, this unique and awe-inspiring destination offers an unforgettable experience for tourists.

The main attraction when visiting Meteora has to be the monasteries perched atop towering sandstone pillars. Dating back to the 14th century, these remarkable structures offer visitors a chance to step back into history and explore a different way of life. Don’t miss out on visiting some of them - such as Great Meteoron, Holy Trinity and St Stephen's Monastery - that offer incredible views of the region from up high.

If you are looking for physical activity during your visit, there are plenty of hiking trails available with varying levels of difficulty. Trekking through the breathtaking natural beauty will also reward you with panoramic views of the magnificent monasteries.

Meteora actually has quite a rich history, as well as impressive architecture and art in its monasteries that can be explored further via guided tours. You can also discover more about their way of life by visiting nearby traditional villages where you can experience some local cultures and cuisines too!

Between appreciating all those iconic structures, taking in stunning landscapes and discovering ancient history, there’s no doubt that Meteora is an amazing place for any traveler looking for something truly special!

16 Meteora Tours and Experiences Available to Book Online


  • Majestic Sunset on Meteora Rocks Tour

    Majestic Sunset on Meteora Rocks Tour

      4 hours

    Your tour of the Meteora monasteries begins with a pick-up at your hotel in Kalambaka or Kastraki. Travel in comfort and safety in a luxury air-conditioned VIP minibus to the unique and world-famous rock forest of Meteora. Your tour leader will remain with you throughout, providing information about the area in your language. At the end of the monastery tour, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best sunsets in Greece from the best vantage point .....

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  • Meteora Independent Train Trip and Monastery Tour from Athens

    Meteora Independent Train Trip and Monastery Tour from Athens

      14 hours

    Stathmos Larissis is the central railway station of Athens where you will depart to Kalambaka. Throughout your train journey, you can take in the scenic routes of the Greek countryside. You will arrive at the railway station of Kalambaka at 11:30 AM where you will meet with your guide and begin your tour of the Meteora Monasteries. After 4 hours of exploration, your tour will come to an end and you will be driven back to Kalabaka. You will .....

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  • Easy Hiking Adventure in Metora

    Easy Hiking Adventure in Metora

      4.5 hours

    This tour is an ideal activity for the whole family. It starts from Kalambaka and leads you to Kastraki, where the hiking path begins. The route takes you through the forest to the abandoned and restored Monastery of Visitation of Jesus. From there, your path leads you to the top of the rocks until you will reach the impressive monasteries of “Great Meteoron” and “Varlaam”. Then descend through a path to Kastraki, where you pass near the .....

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  • Rock Climbing Experience in Meteora

    Rock Climbing Experience in Meteora

      3 hours

    This is your chance to go rock climbing in one of the most popular areas of the world. You can either learn how to climb or train your existing skills to a new level. You can also try top-rope routes that are 25 meters high. These are recommended for beginners and medium-level climbers. Your professional climbing guides will provide you with a climbing course and guarantee the safest rock climbing .....

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  • Two Day Hike in Meteora

    Two Day Hike in Meteora

      2 days

    Meteora is a place where you will be able to experience two incredible things: 1) The breathtaking natural beauty that this region has been home to since ancient times; and 2). An authentic monastic community living on top of the immense rocks. Six active monks' cells exist today, all placed right next door neighbors each other because they were built close enough so nobody would feel alone or deserted at any time during their studies here! .....

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  • Meteora Hiking Photography Tour

    Meteora Hiking Photography Tour

      4 hours

    This experience will start with a walk through the paths on top of the rocks, where you will be able to take photographs of the terrain and accompanying monasteries. Your local guide is a professional experienced photographer who will help answer any questions you have and provide insight into the history of the area. The tour will end after approximately 4 hours at the bottom of the rocks, at which point you will be dropped off back at your .....

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  • Meteora and Monasteries Tour from Kalambaka

    Meteora and Monasteries Tour from Kalambaka

      4 hours

    After pick-up from your hotel in Kalabaka or Kastraki, you will travel a few miles northwest to Meteora. The impressive rocks of Meteora rise from the plains of Thessaly and are one of the most amazing sites in Greece. This 4-hour tour will take you to see the spectacular landscapes and marvel at the Byzantine monasteries perched atop the steep rocks. Today, only 6 monasteries are still active and you will be able to see all of them and visit 3 .....

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  • Private Photography Tour in Meteora at Sunrise

    Private Photography Tour in Meteora at Sunrise

      4 hours

    The tour begins with pickup from your hotel in Kalabaka or Kastraki in the early morning, just before dawn. Drive around the rocks of Meteora and enjoy a short walk through the woodland to find the perfect viewpoint for capturing unforgettable photos of the landscape as the sun rises. Visit a selection of monasteries with your expert guide, learning about the history and culture of the area, before being dropped back off at your hotel or .....

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  • Full-Day Meteora Trip by Train from Athens

    Full-Day Meteora Trip by Train from Athens

      Full day

    Head to Kalambaka on your own by redeeming your e-ticket for the 7:20 AM departure from Athens. The train ride is about 4 hours. Once you arrive in Kalambaka at approximately 11:30 AM, meet your guide and start your 5-hour tour of the stunning rock formations. You will visit 6 monasteries, 3 of which are UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Get dropped off at Kalambaka Train Station to make the 5:15 PM departure for .....

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  • Hiking through the Hermit Caves of Meteora

    Hiking through the Hermit Caves of Meteora

      3 hours

    The hike to the Meteora will take you up Agio Pnevma (Holy Spirit), which is located in between two vast rock complexes. This 3 hours journey starts from Kastraki village and guides visitors on trails near that area's edge for about 2 km before reaching their destination at the cathedral-like chapel built inside a cave dedicated specifically towards The Holy Spirit - the birthplace of Monastic Christianity in .....

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  • 6 Day Yogadventure in Meteora

    6 Day Yogadventure in Meteora

      6 days

    The journey to Meteora will be an unforgettable spiritual experience. You'll feel the magic in this place, and Holistic Hellenic hopes your soul finds a bit of its own divinity within with yoga, meditation self-discovery that is a holistic and Hellenic way! Highlights include 5 days of practice, morning yoga asana in small groups, and evening Yoga Nidra or sound bath .....

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  • 5 Day Wine, Food and Hiking Holiday in Meteora

    5 Day Wine, Food and Hiking Holiday in Meteora

      5 days

    Meteora is a place of wonder and beauty. The rocks soar high into the sky, creating an otherworldly scene that captivates visitors with its grandeur; climbing these mammoths can be seen as both challenging and fulfilling because at least you’ll have been able to experience this incredible natural phenomenon for yourself! There are many different ways to explore Meteora: on foot or by bike (or anything else), depending upon your preference - .....

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  • Half-Day Hiking Tour in Meteora

    Half-Day Hiking Tour in Meteora

      5 hours

    The guided hiking tour of Meteora is one way to enjoy the unique landscape and ancient trails. Not only will you get a chance to see what others don't, with this intimate experience that leads up close towards some monks' footsteps for example - but also learn about its rich history which includes being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage .....

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  • Half-Day Authentic Meteora Hiking Tour

    Half-Day Authentic Meteora Hiking Tour

      4 hours

    Hiking in Meteora is a unique experience that combines nature and spirituality unlike anywhere else in Greece. You'll have the opportunity to explore the paths of the first monks, see the stunning landscapes, and visit one of the monasteries up close. With a professional guide, you'll learn all about this fascinating place while enjoying comfortable, safe .....

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  • Rock Climbing Session in Meteora

    Rock Climbing Session in Meteora

      3 hours

    Meteora is a place where you can find adventure and adrenaline rush. If rock climbing sounds like your idea of an amazing time, don't miss this opportunity to try it out in one of the world's most spectacular destinations - Meteora! No matter if are first-timers or experienced climbers looking for unique views from high up on cliffsides; our local instructors will teach all about how to take those first steps into becoming an expert climber as .....

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  • Rafting on the Aliakmonas River near Meteora

    Rafting on the Aliakmonas River near Meteora

      3.5 hours

    The Aliakmonas river is a special place for those in Meteora, Kalambaka and Grevena. An amazing experience that shouldn't be missed by adventurers or families looking for some fun in nature on the day! Along our 6 km long trip we will experience challenging rapids with beautiful forests alongside it but don’t worry because under experienced guidance from your instructor you'll have all sorts of twists & turns throughout this exhilarating .....

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