Alternative Holidays in Greece

Agrotourism is something that is starting to gain more and more popularity in Greece and people are looking for holiday and travel experiences that can help them return to nature.

Agrotourism in Greece

The spectrum of agrotourism is very large and covers a wide range of things such as local gastronomy, clean air, agricultural activities and the connection with nature as a source of life energy.

Being able to take part in an active part of the creation process is a very beautiful experience and something that goes way beyond basic travel. Through agrotourism you can be a partaker of rural life, experiencing the traditional way of life and everything that goes with it.

The principal philosophy of agrotourism is based predominantly on interpersonal, direct human relationship between the local residents and the traveller who will ultimately become a good friend and much loved guest.

The unique diversity of geophysics, the inexhaustible natural resources, in particular local characteristics and tradition, form a rare mosaic of images and experiences, making Greece one of the best destinations for agrotourism. In Greece lovers of tradition and authenticity can enjoy all the gifts that nature so generously offers.

There are a number of different activities and things that you can do during your holidays to Greece. In the Greek countryside you are invited to actively participate in a range of activities, combining the combination of toil with delight.

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Farming Activities

You can help in the picking of the olives and their transfer to a traditional mill for the production of the precious oil. After your hard work, you can accept as your “fee” an amount of olive oil that you have helped produce.

Some other activities you can take part in include the process of harvesting and pressing grapes to produce wine or raki, the harvestings of seasonal fruits, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms and all sorts of nuts (chestnuts, walnuts, etc), as well as beekeeping. These are just some of the activities that can provide you with unforgettable experiences.

Working with Livestock

During your stay on a farm you can help with animal care (grazing, milking, cleaning) as well as activities for the production of fresh yogurt and cheese.

What you can Learn

In the farm with cooperatives active in many areas, you can take cooking and pastry courses to make what are referred to as "Grandma’s recipes” such as jams, liqueurs, preserves, sweets, bread, fresh pasta, pies and other local cuisine.

A visit to a handicraft workshop or ceramics will fill you with beautiful images and ideas for gifts and purchases. In a traditional winery, through taste tests, will learn the secrets of wine – mainly the varieties, aroma, color and taste.

Ecotourism is a concept closely related to rural tourism. Depending on where you plan to visit and the advantages offered by the natural environment of the area, you should be able to get information about the flora and fauna of the area, wandering national parks, wetlands and landscapes of unique natural beauty.

In addition, if you are an energetic and adventurous person, you will have the great opportunity to indulge in a variety of sports including swimming, fishing, walking, hiking, hunting and horseback riding.

By contrast, if your vacation goal is tranquility and relaxation, then you can simply enjoy your waking in the mornings to the chirping of birds, local dishes in the shade of a vine or sunset with a glorious background of golden groves.

Greece offers a great selection of agrotourism and holidays with nature. There are a number of dedicated organizations focusing solely on this very unique form of tourism, who can offer you a wide choice of different types of agro-holidays and experiences.

Below you will find some suggestions to help you get started in planning your agrotourism adventures in Greece.

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