Aegina Island Holidays

The island of Aegina (Aigina) is one of the most popular islands for visitors to Greece, due to it's geographic location as it is just a short distance from the city of Athens.

Aegina Island - Greece

Aegina is a very beautiful and picturesque island, and one with several wonderful regions that are ideal for holidays. Aegina is the largest of the Saronic Gulf islands, and one with a very interesting and rich history.

With several archaeological sites, such as the famous "Temple of Aphea Athina" and the "Temple of Apollo", of which remains a solitary column, visitors to the island will have plenty to see.

There are some wonderful beaches scattered all over Aegina, and several popular resorts such as Agia Marina and Marathonas.

During the summer months, the island of Aegina is filled with people who have come here to enjoy the beautiful beaches, and refreshing cool waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Holidays in Aegina

Aegina is connected to Athens by ferry boat, which takes approximately 1 hour. The port of Aegina also has ferries heading to the other Saronic Gulf islands such as Spetses and Hydra, as well as the charming neighbouring island of Agistri.

The main port of Aegina is that of Aegina Town, at which the majority of visitors to the island will arrive at. Upon arrival, you will see the colourful marina, as well as the charming traditional buildings and mansions that stand in front of the sea.

There are bus services from here that will take you to other parts of the island. Alternatively, you will be able to find a taxi that can take you to your destination.

The island has a well organised tourism infrastructure, and visitors will be able to find a wonderful selection of accommodation and hotels in Aegina.

Agios Nektarios Church in Aegina

You will also find a great choice of tavernas and cafe bars where you can enjoy a tasty meal and refreshing drink.

There is much to see and do on Aegina, that it would be a shame if visitors do not venture out and explore some of the other beautiful and interesting parts of the island.

Towns and resorts such as Perdika, Agia Marina, Souvala and Vagia are well worth visiting, and offer visitors a great day out of exploration.

Visitors to Athens will find the island of Aegina a wonderful opportunity to experience a Greek Island holiday, and with the frequent ferry boat connections during the summer months, visitors can easily head off for a day trip or weekend break to the island.