Trikala Holidays

The beautiful county of Trikala is one of the prefecture that make up the Thessaly region of Greece. The capital city of the region is Trikala, which owes it's name to the Nymph Trikki. The river Litheos that flows through the city adds a wonderful setting and charm to Trikala.

Trikala - Thessaly Greece

Trikala is a county with a very interesting history, is considered by many to be the birthplace of the famous doctor Asclipios. After excavations, visitors to the region can see the well preserved mosaics that are found at the site of the old Asklipiio. The city combines the traditional character of the region with the characteristics of a modern city.

This is something that will be immediately obvious to visitors when they pass one of the bridges over the Litheos river, and can head out from the busy modern city, to the old quarters, where one can find a wonderful selection of old shops and traditional tavernas.

Located 22km from Trikala is the town of Kalabaka, famous for being home of the unique site of Meteora. These stunning vertical rocks appear as though they are hanging from the sky. On top of these magical rocks are a wonderful collection of Byzantine monasteries. This sight is truly something that every visitor to Trikala should try to see. They really have to be seen to be believed.

Lithaios River in Trikala Greece

The first traces of history in Meteora dates back to 1430 AD, when then first hermits settled here. These unique rock monasteries have been characterised by UNESCO as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage.

Today at Meteora there are 6 monasteries that welcome visitors from all over the world, allowing them the opportunity to experience and share their admiration for the wooden iconostasis, the beautiful frescoes, the inspiring religious icons and the handwritten gospels and manuscripts that have been safely kept at the museums of the monasteries for centuries.

Meteora is very close the neighbouring county of Karditsa, and visitors to Meteora can easily head over there where they can see the beautiful area of Lake Plastira, and some over charming traditional villages.

Meteora in Trikala Greece

Trikala is an excellent destination for visitors to Greece, and is a wonderful base from which one can explore the other beautiful counties of Thessaly, as well as providing access to other areas of Greece.

There are frequent connections with Athens and Thessaloniki by national bus (KTEL) and the railways (OSE).