Enjoy Ski & Winter Sports in Greece

Most people when thinking about Greece will have images of blue skies, bright sunshine, endless blue and turquoise seas, sandy beaches and beautiful summer moments. Did you know that Greece is also a fantastic destination for ski and winter holidays ??

Ski in Greece

Greece is a very mountainous country and during the winter months the mountainous regions are often covered in a blanket of pure white snow. Over the past couple of decades, more and more Europeans are being introduced to Greece as an alternative ski destination to places such as Switzerland, Austria and France.

Skiing was introduced as a sport in Greece during the 1920s and throughout the years has continued to grow in popularity, with people from all walks of life enjoying the adrenaline and adventure that only ski and snowboarding can bring. Today almost 100 years since it first appeared, there are over 20 ski centres operating in Greece where you can enjoy ski and various other winter sports.

Winter sports in Greece

Information about Ski Resorts in Greece

Name Region Mountain Altitude (m) Slopes * Lifts **
3-5 Pigadia Imathia Vermio 2005 13 6
Agriolefkes Magnesia Pelion 1471 7 5
Anilio Ioannina Peristeri 1850 10 5
Elatochori Pieria Pieria 1974 8 5
Falakro Drama Falakro 2232 21 9
Fterolakka Viotia Parnassos 1860 17 7
Kaimaktsalan Pella Voras 2480 13 6
Kalavryta Achaia Helmos 2340 12 7
Karakoli Ioannina Mavrovouni 1520 2 1
Karamanoli Karditsa Agrafa 1530 1 1
Kellaria Viotia Parnassos 2260 23 12
Lailias Serres Vrodou 1847 4 2
Ostrakina Arcadia Menalon 1860 7 3
Pertouli Trikala Koziakas 1340 6 3
Profitis Ilias Ioannina Mavrovouni 1620 6 3
Seli Imathia Vermio 1900 19 11
Vassilitsa Grevena Vassilitsa 2115 18 7
Velouchi Evritania Tymfristos 2220 12 5
Vigla Pissoderi Florina Verno 2000 12 5
Vitsi Kastoria Vitsi 1880 5 3
Vryssopoules Larissa Olympos 2450 3 3
Ziria Corinthia Kyllini 1500 2 1

* = Slopes of all levels including Lang Lauf ( cross country ski )
** = All lifts ( including ground and air lifts )

Below you will find information and a brief overview of some of the most popular ski destinations in Greece that you can visit during the winter season.

Parnassos Ski Center

The ski center of Parnassos in Fokida is the most popular in Greece and being just a couple of hours drive away from Athens, it is a very easy destination to reach and is ideal for holidays or even weekend breaks during the winter. There are two peaks on the mountain which you can ski. Kellaria is at an altitude of 1750 meters, while Fterolakas is slighter higher at 1950 meters. At Parnassos there are a total of 19 ski runs, 10 trails and 7 ski routes, along with 13 ski lifts. Equipment can be rented and you can also take ski lessons for all ages including young children. The most popular location for accommodation is in the famous town of Arachova, which is about 20km from the ski centre. In Arachova you will find a great selection of guesthouses and hotels, as well as many local tavernas and restaurants.

Kalavrita Ski Center

The second ski center with close access to Athens is the Kalavrita Ski Centre in the Peloponnese region of Greece. You can reach Kalavrita by car from Athens in approximately 2 and a half hours ( depending on traffic of course ). There are 12 slopes at Kalavrita, with 2 of them being classed as difficult, 2 intermediate, 6 easy and 2 very easy, so depending on the level of skier that you are, you should easily be able to enjoy some great skiing here. You’ll be able to rent equipment at the resort as well as take lessons at the ski school. For accommodation, most people will stay in the town of Kalavrita, which is a very beautiful and traditional town.

Pelion Ski Center

The Pelion peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece and is the ultimate combination of mountain and sea, making it the perfect place to enjoy holidays and travel anytime of the year. The ski centre of Agriolefkes at an altitude of 1400 meters on Mount Pelion has 5 ski slopes ( including 1 for beginners ) and also a cross-country ski run. It is a very popular ski and winter sport destination in Greece and offers some truly spectacular views with the blue waters of the Aegean sea on one side, and those of the Pagasitic Gulf on the other. Equipment can be rented from the resort, and there is also a ski and snowboard school where you can take lessons. Most visitors to the Pelion ski centre will either find accommodation in Chania, which is the nearest village, or at a slighter longer distance, in the traditional villages of Portaria and Makrintsa, where you will find a great selection of quality hotels and traditional mansions and guesthouses.

Kaimaktsalan Ski Center

Located in Edessa in the north west of Greece is the famous Kaimaktsalan Ski Centre, which is a relatively new ski center that opened in 1995. During the past 20 years it has upgraded and has become one of the best in Greece. Starting at an altitude of 2040 meters and rising to 2480 meters, there are 13 ski runs, 4 ski trails and also a snowboard and snow tubing park. For accommodation most visitors will stay in either the village of Edessa or Florina, both of which offer a good choice of comfortable hotels and guesthouses.