Serifos Island Holidays

Serifos is a relatively small yet highly beautiful island in the Cyclades, and is situated between the islands of Sifnos and Kythnos. All across this charming island are traditional villages and coastal resorts, creating a wonderful destination for a Greek island holiday.

Serifos Island - Greece

Serifos has a charming character about it, that the island has maintained throughout the years. The island is well catered for tourism, and there are several popular destinations on the island that are well worth visiting.

The harbour of Serifos is very picturesque, and along the coast you will find a lovely selection of car bars and tavernas where you can enjoy a meal or drink as you listening to the soothing sounds of the sea lapping up against the shore.

The capital of Serifos is Chora (Hora), which is perched high up on top of a hill that overlooks the harbour and provides some wonderful panoramic views stretching out into the Aegean. On top of Chora is a small hill with an impressive church. Taking a walk along the narrow cobblestone paths, passing through small archways and brightly colours doors and windows of houses, you can reach the top of the town, and simple stand back and enjoy the inspiring views.

The churches of Agios Konstantinos and Agios Ioannis Theologos, which was build on a rock are very beautiful. On a clear day you can see enjoy wonderful views and even see as far as the islands of Sifnos, Naxos, Paros and Antiparos.

Holidays in Serifos Greece

Near the entrance to Chora, you will see a small grouping of old windmills. Some of these are in ruins, whilst others have been carefully and lovingly restored and are now unique houses.

For those who enjoy beaches, Serifos has some of the most beautiful in the Cyclades. There are beaches scattered all along the coast of the island. Some popular beaches include those of Livadi, Lia and Agios Sostis. The soft golden sandy beaches, combined with the crystal clear waters make Serifos a wonderful holiday destination where you can easily relax and enjoy the charm and beauty all around.

There are several mountainous villages spread out around the island such as Panagia and Kedarhos. These charming villages are well worth visiting, if only to sample the traditional appearance and simplicity of everyday life for the locals.

Serifos Travel Guide

There are some interesting attractions for visitors to Serifos as well as the naturally beautiful scenery and landscapes that you will see everywhere. The town hall in Chora also accommodation a small archaeological and folklore museum in a charming classical building.

There are bus services that operate frequently from Chora down to the harbour, and this provides an easy and efficient way for visitors to the island to pay a visit to the charming town. Visitors to Serifos will find a lovely selection of accommodation at various places around the island. Accommodation includes rooms, studios and apartments to let, as well as hotels.

For entertainment, there are many charming restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy a tasty selection of cuisine. The locals of Serifos are very friendly, and they are always helpful to visitors to the island.

Serifos has a boat connection with the city of Athens via the ports of both Pireaus and Rafina, as well as local boat connections to the surrounding Cycladic islands.