Kythnos Island Holidays

Kythnos is an island typical of those found in the Cyclades, and is one of the most barren. This creates a very serene landscape, with a selection of traditional villages and soft sandy beaches. Kythnos is positioned between he islands of Kea and Serifos.

Kythnos Island - Greece

The island of Kythnos is well organised for tourism, and visitors here will find a great selection of accommodation including hotels, rooms, apartments and studios to let. There are also many tavernas and cafeterias where you can enjoy a range of tasty local cuisine and drinks.

Kythnos is a volcanic island and there are many natural hot spas that flow through the island. These hot spas date from the ancient years when the island was actually known as the island of Therma (meaning warm in Greek). The island is one that provides the perfect setting for a quiet and peaceful summer holiday, away from the crowds of the more busier islands in the Cyclades.

The capital of Kythnos is Chora, or Messaria as it is also known. Chora was built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill, providing some magnificent views out towards the sea. Chora is just 8km from the port of Kythnos, which is known as Merihas. This is a very traditional and charming village that has managed to maintain it's traditional colours and appearance throughout the years.

Beaches in Kythnos Greece

Kythnos has some exceptionally beautiful beaches, such as the popular sandy beaches of Episkopi, Martinakia and Apokrousi. There are also some more isolated beaches on the island such as those of Falbouris and Agios Dimitrios.

By taking a small boat from the harbour you can visit the small nearby island of Agios Loukas, where you will find the lovely beaches of Kolona and Fekiada. Other beaches on this small island include Lefkes, Kalo Limani and Agios Stefanos.

One popular destination on Kythnos is the coastal village of Loutra, which is located approximately 4.5 km from Chora, and 11 km from the port of Meriha. Here you will find the hot spas of Kythnos that attract huge numbers of visitors who have come to bathe in their healing waters. Close by are the beaches of Agia Irine, Shinari, Maroula and Saradou.

Kythnos Travel Guide

Another traditional village on Kythnos that is worth visiting is the coastal village of Panagia Kanala. The village was built in a stunning small pine forest, which is actually unique to the island.

Kythnos provides visitors with an ideal setting for enjoy relaxing and interesting holidays. With it's interesting villages, beautiful beaches and unique landscape, Kythnos is a destination for magical and unforgettable holidays in the Cyclades.