Skiathos Island Holidays

The gorgeous island of Skiathos, the most western of the Sporades islands, belongs to the municipality of Magnesia, and borders with the eastern coast of Magnesia and the Pelion peninsula. You can enjoy a wide range of magical holidays in Skiathos.

Skiathos Island - Greece

The island of Skiathos provides visitors with the ideal destination in which to relax and enjoy the charm, magic and simplicity of a truly unique Greek island.

Skiathos is connected with the port of Agios Konstantinos, which is located on the coast of Central Greece in Fthiotida. With a distance of 41 nautical miles, there are daily ferry boats to and from the island.

There is also an airport on Skiathos that caters for both domestic and international flights, and many visitors to the island fly directly from their home country.

The first thing that visitors to Skiathos notice is it's rich and colourful vegetation. It is a true "green" island, where nature has blessed the landscape, perfecting combing the blue and green colours, creating a setting unlike any other.

Holidays in Skiathos

The soft golden beaches are ideal for the summer months, and you will find some perfect blue crystal waters in which to bathe and enjoy. Skiathos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Some of the most popular beaches on the island are Megali Ammos, Kanapitsa and Lalaria, which is a charming beach covered with pearl-white pebbles.

There are two beautiful lakes on Skiathos, which are important ecosystems to a variety of fauna, wild life and birds. These lakes are located at Agios Georgios, near the town of Chora, and at Stofylia at the beautiful Koukounaries beach.

There are many interesting places to visit on Skiathos, including a wonderful selection of quaint churches and monasteries, where one can admire the beautiful crafted icons and religious art.

Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos

Visitors can also see the old castle (Kastro), which is located at the islands old capital city. This impressive fortress was built in 1538, and was used to protect the town from pirates and the Ottomans.

Skiathos is a wonderful holiday destination for all of the family, and there is always something interesting to see or do. Young children will enjoy the stunning beaches and various activities, while adults can take strolls around the peaceful and charming landscape.