Fthiotida Holidays

The county of Fthiotida in one of the largest in Central Greece. It is situated to the north of both the counties of Fokida and Viotia. Connecting the eastern side of mainland Greece with the mountains of Parnassos, Fthiotida is a region that offers a huge variety of imagery and landscapes.

Fthiotida - Greece

To the south of Fthiotida are the mountains of Parnassos, and to the east is the lovely coast of the Aegean Sea, with the popular island of Evia close by. To the north of Fthiotida is the region of Thessaly, which is home to the very popular Pelion peninsula.

Along the coast of Fthiotida are many popular summer resorts such as Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos, which are very well organised for tourism.

This region of Fthiotida is a very historical one, and the famous battle between the Persians and the Spartan king Leonidas took place in the area of Thermopiles. Here you will pass by the famous statue of Leonidas that was erected to honour this great battle.

Fthiotida Holiday Guide

There are also several other interesting sites spread out all through Fthiotida that are well worth visiting as you arrive here. There are also some wonderful natural spas that are very popular, and the most famous ones are located just a short distance away from Kamena Vourla, where you will be able to find a great selection of hotels and accommodation, as well as many charming tavernas by the sea.

The capital city of Fthiotida is Lamia, which is a very large and picturesque city. Dominating the city is the famous Frankish castle, that sits majestically on the top of a hill overlooking the city. From here, the views are truly inspiring, and you are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of the region. There are also some interesting churches and museums in Lamia that are worth visiting.

Thermopyles in Fthiotida reece

The ski centre of Parnassos is located to the south of Fthiotida, and is accessible through the very pretty mountain roads, that take you on a journey through the mountains, offering you lovely scenery and peace.

Fthiotida is a popular region of Greece all year round, and is one that is filled with many interesting places, as well as many sites that are definitely worth visiting.