Magnesia Holidays

Magnesia is one of the four prefectures of the region of Thessaly, and is located on the eastern coast of Greece. It is a magical places that perfectly combines the mountains and sea.

Magnesia - Thessaly Greece

Spanning from the north to the south along the east of Magnesia is the famous Pelion peninsula, a place of exceptional beauty, and one that is ideal for holidays throughout the year.

The name Magnesia is derived from the name of the first settlers in the region, the "Magnetes". The region of Magnesia, and especially that of Pelion is one with a very interesting history, as well as having great importance in Greek mythology. Pelion, according to legend, was the holiday destination of the Gods of Olympus, and was also where they held their festivities and ceremonies. The marriage between Pelea and Thetis took place here, and this was mentioned by Homer, Pindaros and Evripides in their writings.

It was from Pelion that the boat "Argo" set sail for Colhis, with Jason and the Argonauts on board, as they went in search of the Golden Fleece. Archaeological research in the area has brought to light Mesolithic findings, providing a fascinating insight into the ancient years of the region.

In the areas of Sesklo and Dimini, Neolithic artifacts and ancient ruins were discovered. Researchers also discovered Mycenaean cities spread throughout the whole of Magnesia, which in their time, were amongst the most prosperous cities in Greece.

Holidays in Magnesia Greece

The capital city of Magnesia is Volos. It is situated on the place where Iolos, the ancient capital city of Mycenaean Thessaly once stood. Researchers have discovered cities such as Pagases, which reached it's peak around the 5th century BC, and Dimitrias, which was built by the Macedonian King Dimitrios, and later became a Christian centre. In the old Christian period, about the 12th century AD, Almyros and the very important city Fthiotides Thives were established.

During the Turkish occupation of Greece, the majority of villages on the surrounding coasts fled their homes, and established themselves high up on the slopes of the Pelion mountains. This was done in order to be out of reach of the Turks. The result led to the mountainous villages of Pelion being places of extreme wealth and also intellectual centres.

The Pelion peninsula, is a truly magical part of Greece, and one that has been a popular holiday destination for Greeks for many years. The perfect combination of sea and mountain, and of blue and green create a stunning setting. There are many wonderful destinations all over Pelion that are worth visiting, from the famous mountainous villages of Tsagarada, Portaria and Makrinitsa, to small charming coastal towns such as Kala Nera, Milina and Mikro.

During the summer months, Pelion is an ideal destination for holidays, and the beaches found around the peninsula are amongst the best you will find in Greece. The refreshing waters of the Aegean sea and Pagasitic Gulf make Pelion a paradise in the summer.

Pelion Peninsula in Magnesia Greece

There is also a first rate ski centre operating in the winter season in Pelion. At the Agriolefkes ski centre, you can enjoy ski and winter sports in a truly unique and inspiring surrounding.

Pelion is ideal for lovers of nature, and there are many paths that one can follow, taking you on a walk past some beautiful and picturesque scenery, such as natural spring waters, traditional mansions, and wonderful panoramic views outwards the sea.

There is a wonderful range of accommodation available for visitors to Pelion including hotels, rooms, apartments and studios to let, as well as some wonderful traditional mansions, offering a unique selection of accommodation.

Pelion and Magnesia are an ideal destination for holidays filled with beauty, relaxation, interesting activities, and so much more. Your holidays in Pelion will be amongst the best of your life, and this charming part of Greece will always have a special place in your hearts.