Psara Island Holidays

The island of Psara is the largest of the islands situated on the west of Chios. Psara has an interesting history dating back through to the ancient years.

Psara Island - Greece

During the Greek revolution against the Ottoman occupation, the island played a key role and made many contributions to revolution with their vast navy and ships, causing great damage to the Turkish armadas.

Psara is the homeland of Konstantinos and Kanaris and Papanikolis, both great heroes of the Greek revolution. Psara itself paid a heavy price for the help they provided during the revolution.

Holidays in Psara Greece

With the Turks not being able to beat them at sea, they headed to the islands, and burnt down the houses, resulting in a heavy loss of life.

Today however, Psara has become a popular holiday destination in the East Aegean, and is a perfect place to enjoy peaceful and relaxing summer holidays. The island is one of immense beauty, and the picturesque landscapes create a very tranquil feel to the island.

Psara Travel Guide

Visitors to Psara will find a lovely selection of accommodation at various traditional hotels, as well at rooms to let. There are many delightful tavernas on the island where visitors can enjoy a wonderful selection of tasty local cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.

Psara has boat connections with the island of Chios.