Oinousses Island Holidays

Situated between the island of Chios and the coast of Minor Asia is the peaceful and highly picturesque island of Oinousses. It is located just 9 nautical miles from Chios.

Oinousses Island - Greece

Oinousses has a very interesting and rich history, especially in terms of shipping and the sea in general. Inousses, along with the island of Chios were both very strong in terms of the naval industry.

The importance of the sea and nautical past of Oinousses is immediately obvious when visitors take a to the charming and colourful port and pay a visit to the Naval museum.

Holidays in Oinousses Greece

Being an island of the maritime and of shipowners, Oinousses is a very traditional and family oriented island, and one whose accommodation consists mainly of small traditional hotels and cosy rooms to let.

The locals are very friendly and welcoming, and these genuine hospitality is something that visitors to Oinousses truly appreciate. During the summer months, many travellers visit Oinousses, as well as many others taking a day trip here from the nearby island of Chios.

Oinousses Travel Guide

Whether you are planning an entire holiday on the island, or maybe just a short break or day trip, you can be confident that the magic, beauty and charm will be something that you will always cherish and remember.

Oinousses is connected by boat to the port of Pireaus in Athens, and the neighbouring island of Chios.