Astypalaia Island Holidays

Belonging to the group of the Dodecanese islands, but situated very close to the Cyclades, Astypalaia is an charming island that resembles the typical Cycladic landscape.

Astypalaia Island - Greece

The history of Astypalaia (Astypalea) dates back thousands of years, when the island was famous for fishing. In the waters surrounding the island, the sea was full of fish, and fishermen from all over came here to fish. The capital of the island if Chora (Hora), which also operates as the harbour of the island.

The landscape of Astypalaia is magical, and at the harbour, you will see the white houses on the top of the hill. The old Venetian Castle dominates the landscape, and the windmills add a touch of Cycladic magic to the scenery.

The Venetian Castle is a very popular attraction for visitors to the island, as is the Archaeological Museum. One can also pay a visit to the beautiful Byzantine churches and monasteries, where you can admire the delightful religious works of art and impressive frescoes.

Holidays in Astypalaia Greece

Analipsi, or Maltezana as it is also known, is a very popular coastal village, situated in the centre of the island. Another popular destination is Vathi, a small and peaceful village that was built next to a small serene bay. The village of Livadia is also a nice village to visit.

Astypalaia is a very picturesque island, and one that is ideal for peaceful and relaxed holidays. Visitors to the island will find a lovely selection of accommodation including small traditional hotels, rooms, studios and apartments to let.

For entertainment and food, the island boasts a wonderful choice of traditional tavernas and ouzeries where you can enjoy tasty food, fresh fish and also some local specialities.

Beaches in Astypalaia Greece

With beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters, Astypalea offers all that one can look for in a tranquil Greek island. Excursions by boat from the harbour can take visitors on a lovely trip around the coast of the island, where you can sit back and appreciate the charming simplicity and lovely landscapes and scenery all around.

Astypalea has boat connections with Athens via Pireaus, and also the nearby island of Kalymnos. During the summer season, there are also boat connections with the Cycladic island of Naxos and Paros. There are also air connections from Astypalea to the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport.