Hydra Island Holidays

The charming island of Hydra (Ydra) is a small island in the Saronic Gulf, and measures just 52 sq.km in size. The island is located just 6 nautical miles from the coast of Argolida in the Peloponnese, and is 35 nautical miles from the port of Pireaus in Athens.

Hydra Island - Greece

Hydra is a very special and unique island, and one surrounded by flourishing natural beauty, and inspiring landscapes. The city of Hydra was built amphitheatrically around the harbour, and the grey and white colours blend perfectly together with the blue of the sea.

The island of Hydra is famous in Greece for the traditional houses and the special characteristics of the architecture. What makes the island of Hydra so different from other islands in Greece, is that no cars are allowed on the island. All transportation is carried out through the use of donkeys.

This itself is a remarkable tradition to have maintained, and one that offers visitors a truly unique aspect for their Greek island holidays. Walking along the streets passing by the donkeys and locals, you will feel as though you have stepped back in time.

Donkeys on Hydra Island

The island is filled with cobblestone paths, along which one can enjoyable lovely walks, passing by the beautiful traditional houses, and their gardens filled with a variety of pretty colours and aromas. The imagery of the island is one of true beauty and inspiration.

The harbour of Hydra is usually very busy, with a number of small and large yachts docking here daily, as well as cruise ships that make a stop at the island. As well as being famous for the tranquility and beauty that the island offers visitors, it also have a wonderfully cosmopolitan night life.

Though small in size, the island is huge in terms of beauty, charming scenery and the very friendly and warm locals. The island is perfect for those who are seeking a very relaxed and enjoyable holiday.

Holidays in Hydra

Simply taking a stroll around the harbour is an activity so simple yet so special. The hill above the harbour provides some magical views out towards the sea, and is ideal for enjoying a wonderful sunset.

Scattered all over Hydra are about 300 small churches, and 6 monasteries. These are well worth visiting if you have the chance, and offer a wonderful insight into the religious history and traditions of the island.

Hydra has some excellent beaches that are ideal for the summer months. These include the popular beaches of Spilia, Ydroneta, Avlaki, Kamini and Vlihos.

There is easy access to Hydra by ferry boat and flying dolphins to Pireaus. There is also a taxi boat service that can take you across to the charming area of Ermionin in the Peloponnese county of Argolida.