Rodopi Holidays

The charming and highly picturesque county of Rodopi is the central prefecture of Thrace, located between Xanthi to the west and Evros to the east. It is a place where nature thrives, and the landscape is the perfect combination of mountain and sea, with the perfect blending of blue and green.

Alexandroupoli in Rodopi Greece

The northern region of Rodopi is covered by the Papingio mountains, which form part of the Rodopi mountains, after which the county takes it's name.

The central and southern parts of Rodopi are a mixture of forests and farmland. The capital town of Rodopi is that of Komotini, a very impressive and beautiful town.

Komotini is situated in the center of Rodopi and is the heart of the region. It is a town of many ethnical backgrounds, and one with a very interesting and rich history, dating thousands of years.

Holidays in Rodopi Greece

Visitors to Rodopi can enjoy the unique and inspiring landscape, where the dominating mountains and rich forests create a perfect setting in which to relax and escape from the stress and noise of everyday city life.

There are many interesting archaeological and ancient sites that visitors to the region can visit, as well as several very imperssive religious sites and churches.

As well as the capital town of Komotini, there are several interesting towns and villages that one can visit, such as Sapes and Mesi.

Alexandroupoli Town Park in Rodopi

Along the coast of Rodopi, you will find a charming collection of coastal towns, as well as some wonderful beaches where you can enjoy a refreshing swim during the hot summer months.

With easy access to the neighbouring counties of Thrace, as well as being an excellent base from which visitors can venture out and explore the surrounding areas, Rodopi is an excellent choice for your holiday destination in the northern region of Greece.