Messinia Holidays

The prefecture of Messinia, located to the south west of the Peloponnese is a region of magic and beauty. The capital town and main port of Messinia is Kalamata. Kalamata is a very modern town, with excellent infrastructure and local facilities.

Messinia Peloponnese Greece

The town of Kalamata is dominated by the 13th century castle which was built above it. From the castle, visitors are offered wonderful views towards the sea and sandy beaches, as well as the green flourishing plains.

The famous Byzantine church of the Virgin Ypapanti is located in the town. This church is famous for the nuns who weave the famous Kalamata silk. There are also several other churches around the town which are nice to visit.

In Kalamata, as well as enjoying the beauty of the region and the hospitality of the locals, there is also the archaeological and folklore museum, and the library which houses over 60,000 volumns of work.

Methoni in Messinia Greece

Such attractions are a nice way to experience the history and past of the region, as well as the modern side of it. There are also cultural events and fastivals that take place during the year, to which everyone is invited.

There are also the coastal resorts of Kyparissia and Methoni which are perfect for lazing away during those hot summer days. On the pine-covered hilltop in Kyparissia there is a small Byzantine castle.

Methoni has some very interesting churches and mosques that are nice to visit. The long sandy beach is an ideal place to enjoy some memorable sunsets here in Messinia.

Navagio in Messinia Peloponnese

Another interesting place to visit is the tranquil town of Pylos (Pilos). Pylos is a historical and traditional settlement. There are many beautiful 19th century houses that overlook the bay of Navarino. The castle built in the late 16th century by the Turks, Neo Kastro (New Castle), was built to control the bay of Navarino.

The castle was recently restored, and includes a small museum with some beautiful prints and lithographs on display as well as fully costumed heroes of the War of Independence.

Pylos gives visitors the impression that they are actually on an island, and is well worth visiting if you get the chance.