Thesprotia Holidays

The picturesque county of Thesprotia is located directly opposite the Ionian island of Corfu, and is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in the western side of Greece.

Thesprotia - Greece

The capital city of Threspotia is Igoumenitsa, which is located directly opposite the Ionian island of Corfu. It's natural port is one of the main entrances into Greece from all over Europe. Igoumenitsa, and Threspotia in general, is a region with a long history, reaching back to the ancient years.

Today, Igoumenitsa is a very popular tourist destination for visitors to Greece. The natural beauties and charm of the region make it one that many visitors return to time after time.

From Athens, the distance to Igoumenitsa, via the bridge of Rio, is approximately 485km. From Thessaloniki in the north of Greece, the distance is approximately 470km. Over the past years with the construction of the new Egnantia Odos motorway, access to Igoumenitsa has become a lot easier.

If you head to the picturesque town of Filiates, you will travel along a pleasant route, filled with beautiful scenery and rich forests. Along the way you will come across the arched stone bridges, and the Kalamas river that flows through the area.

Ragio Tower - Igoumenitsa Thesprotia

If you choose to visit the Souli villages, you will meet stunning scenery, with flourishing nature set against a back drop of the dominating mountains.

The traditional village of Paramythis is one where you will find comfortable accommodation, and warm and hospitable locals, offering visitors a very genuine and sincere welcome.

Heading south from Igoumenitsa, you will meet the village of Glyki and the delightful watersprings of the Aheronta river. The scenery here is most impressive, and with the river and large canyon near by, the area is perfect for those who enjoy exploring.

Sivota - Thesprotia Greece

The beautiful coasts of Thesprotia are famous throughout Greece for their clean jade waters and soft sandy beaches. The closest to Igoumenitsa is Drepano, whilst Plataria and Sivota are also beautiful places that you should try to visit.

All over Igoumenitsa and the surrounding areas, you will find a wonderful selection of accommodation, including hotels, studios, rooms and apartments to let.

There are frequent national bus (KTEL) connections with both Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as boat connections with the port of Patra and the famous Ionian islands of Corfu and Paxi.