Ioannina Holidays

Ioannina is a very beautiful city with a rich and interesting history. It is the financial and literature centre of the Epirus region of Greece. It is situated on the shores of the charming lake Pamvotida, or as it is known today, the lake of Ioannina.

Ioannina - Greece

The city is one that is very impressive and offer visitors all of the modern facilities, comforts and services, as well as combining the historic past with the modern way of life. Visitors to the region can take a stroll and see the wonderful collection of Byzantine and Neoclassical origins of the city, marking the course through history up to the present day.

Ioannina is the largest of the four counties that make up Epirus, and it's importance to the region can be seen through many examples, such as the Ioannina University. You will also find silversmiths and craftsmen who provide excellent services and whose trade has been passed down through generations.

The entire county is one of exceptional beauty, and it's natural setting and landscape make it a very popular holiday destination throughout the year. Visitors to the area can see the old castle that is well preserved and which adds a unique character to the city. Near to the castle walls is a small harbour where one can take a small boat and sail to the small picturesque islet that is located in the middle of the lake. This charming island is known both as Ioannina island and Ali Pasha's island.

Holidays in Ioannina Greece

Ioannina has some very special attractions that are popular with visitors to the region. If you have the chance, you should pay a visit to the Perama cave, which is situated approximately 4km from the city. This cave is considered a natural miracle because of the stunning stalagmites and stalactites that are found inside.

12km from the city in the village of Bizani is a wonderful wax museum, which was created by Pavlos Vrellis. This museum is a very popular stop for many visitors to the area.

For those interested in archaeology and history, you much make a stop at the ancient site of Dodoni. Here you will see the oldest oracle of ancient Greece as well as one of the biggest ancient theaters that is very well preserved. This archaeological site is a fantastic opportunity to step back in time, and see this majestic theatre.

The picturesque village of Metsovo, which is famous for it's weaved products and cheese production is another place that is well worth visiting. The beautiful area of Konitsa with the picturesque "Roo" river and the famous Zagorohoria will capture your hearts and minds.

Ioannina Travel Guide

There are so many wonderful places to see and visit in Ioannina, that if you are planning on paying a visit here, you should consider staying for at least 4-5 days so that you have the chance to explore and appreciate the vast beauty of the region.

We should also mention the magnificent Mikro Papigo, because in order to reach this charming village, you will have to pass through a magnificent route passing the "Vikos" canyon and the traditional village of Monodendri. From the charming chapel of Agia Paraskevi, you will be able to visit this impressive canyon, which is one of the most beautiful and deepest in all of Europe.

The geographic size of Ioannina means that visitors will find a huge selection of accommodation scattered all over the region, including rooms, apartments and studios to let, as well as some beautiful traditional hotels.

Ioannina has air and national bus connections with the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.