Fokida Holidays

The county of Fokida, situated between the neighbouring counties of Viotia and Etolaokarnania. As with the other counties of Parnassos, Fokida is a stunning combination of mountain and sea, blending perfectly offering a true sense of natural beauty and tranquility.

Fokida - Greece

This is all the more obvious when you take into consideration that Delphi, the centre of the world in ancient times, is situated within Fokida. Fokida is a very green region, filled with olive groves and vegetation. It offers some truly unique landscapes and scenery that is unlike any other you will find in Greece.

The capital city of Fokida is Amfissa, and it is a very picturesque and pleasant town, offering some very interesting sites as well as a genuine warmth and hospitality amongst the locals.

Some sites worth paying a visit to in Amfissa include the "Phocis Folk Art Museum" and the Church of the Saviour, which is a beautifully preserved Byzantine church. Nearly all visitors to Parnassos will enter Fokida on their way to Delphi. This majestic ancient site is simply inspiring.

Holidays in Fokida Greece

Located against the side of a mountain, the entire site is one filled with ruins and ancient history, dating back thousands of years. The treasuries of several states from ancient Greece will greet you on entrance, as you head to the remains of the temple of Apollo.

The museum at Delphi is also one that all visitors here should pay a visit to. You will be rewarded with a fascinating exhibition of statues, ruins, jewelry and other findings from the site.

Fokida Travel Guide

For those visiting during the summer months, there are some delightful coastal resorts in Fokida such as Itea, Galaxidi and Agii Pantes. Here you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf, and sit back and relax in a landscape that offers peace and true tranquility.

Fokida is a very popular region in Central Greece, and has some of the most beautiful and pretty coastal resorts in the region of Parnassos. With close access to the ski centre of Parnassos, Fokida has everything one could want from there holidays in Greece.