Samos Island Holidays

The beautiful island of Samos is one with typical Greek charm and scenery. Tall fir trees stretch all the way down to the beaches, leaving wide open spaces filled with quaint white chapels.

Samos Island - Greece

Samos is an extremely popular island in the East Aegean, and is a popular destination with a large number of visitors holidaying in Samos every year.

The capital town and port of Samos is Vathy. The town is built amphitheatrically and has perfectly preserved the beauty and traditional style of the past. It is here that visitors by boat will arrive, and the first impression is one of peace, beauty and magic.

Located 11km from Vathy is the popular region of Pythagorio, which actually used to be the ancient capital city. The name of the town comes from the great Philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Today the region is a famous cosmopolitan tourist resorts, and has preserved all of it's natural character and authentic beauty. From the harbour, day trips are organised to Kousadasi on the coast of neighbouring Turkey.

Holidays in Samos Greece

Samos has several interesting attractions and sights to see. One such site is the ruins of the ancient temple of Hera and also Efpalinio, the ancient aqueduct. Visitors to the island will have the chance to sample some of the excellent wine that Samos produces.

This includes the popular Samiotiko, which is a sweet and strong wine that owes it's unique taste to the rich and prosperous earth of Samos, as well as the traditional way in which the wine is produced by the locals.

Samos is an island that has a good infrastructure for tourism, and visitors here will be able to find a lovely selection of accommodation, such as rooms, studios and apartments to let as well as hotels of various categories.

Samos Travel Guide

The road network is also very good, offering visitors the chance to explore and visit various villages and destinations around the island.

From the heights of it's mountains to the beautiful sandy beaches, Samos is an island where you will enjoy some beautiful holidays, in a very authentic and picturesque setting.

There are air connections with Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as boat conenctions with Pireaus, Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupoli. There are also daily local connections to other islands in the Eastern Aegean sea.