Ikaria Island Holidays

Maybe it was due to the ill-fated flight of Ikarus, who according to mythology flew with his wax and feather wings, which melted when he flew too close to the sun, causing the wings to melt, and for him to fall into the sea, that the sea around the island of Ikaria is known as the Ikarion Sea. It is from the this sea that the island of Ikaria takes it's name.

Ikaria Island - Greece

Despite his unfortunate death, the achievement of Ikarus has shown that men and cultures have, through the centuries, fought to confront and battle with the impossible.

Ikaria itself is a very charming island, one filled with beautiful landscapes and tranquil scenery. It is a very popular destination for holidays in the Aegean sea.

The capital and port of Ikaria is that of Agios Kyrikos (Kirikos), which was built amphitheatrically, and is filled with picturesque traditional houses and small alleys that cry out to be explored.

Halaris Gorge - Ikaria Island

The natural hot spas and springs have always been one of the main reasons why Ikaria is so popular. These beautiful spas have healing properties, and many visitors from all over the world come to Ikaria to bathe in their soothing waters.

The spa resort of Thermes is an ideal place to find relaxation and tranquility. The setting and landscape here is one of such beauty and inspiration that visitors cannot help but to relax and unwind.

During recent years, the island of Ikaria has become a popular destination with young travellers, who wish to enjoy the picturesque scenery and unspoilt surroundings.

Ikaria Travel Guide

At the south of Ikaria you will find the areas of Magganitis and Seyschells. In the north are Armenistis and Yalkiskari. Another region worth visiting is that of Eudilos ( Efdilos ), which is surrounded by beautiful picturesque bays. These villages on Ikaria make the island one that is definitely worth exploring.

Ikaria has a truly unique charm and magic about it, and many visitors to this charming Aegean island find themselves returning year after years. There are air connections from Ikaria to Athens, and also boat connections to the ports of Pireaus and Kavala.