Paxi Island Holidays

The small yet highly beautiful island of Paxi (Paxoi/Paxos) is situated just a few nautical miles south of the neighbouring island of Corfu, and is an island of immense beauty.

Paxi Island - Greece

Your Paxos holidays will be ones you will truly enjoy and appreciate. Paxi is truly a very inspiring and picturesque island, and one that is very popular with visitors who are looking for a holiday destination where they can completely relax, and enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility that the island provides.

Visitors arriving at the small traditional harbour of "Gaios", which caters for arrivals to the island, will instantly realise the immense beauty and charming scenery of Paxi.

AntiPaxi Island - Greece

The name of the village and harbour of Gaios comes from the student of Apostole Paul who taught and introduced Christianity to the island.

For those seeking beautiful beaches, there are some excellent ones to be found on Paxi. The "Graves", which are the natural marine caves, provide the unique setting for the coastline of Paxi, along which visitors can enjoy the crystal blue waters of the Ionian sea.

The perfect combination of the natural elements, as well as the warm hospitality and excellent cuisine, make the island of Paxi one that will provide you with unforgettable summer holidays. The island of Paxi has sea connections to the port of Igoumenitsa in Central Greece, and the harbour of Lefkimi on the island of Corfu.

Beaches in Paxi Greece

Located to the southeast of Paxi is the smaller island of Antipaxi. This island is a very small one, and is home to approximately 100 inhabitants. There are some beautiful beaches found on Antipaxi, which are ideal for those hot summer days.

However, the island offers little to nothing in terms of accommodation, so staying there can be a problem. There are however boats operating from here to Paxi during the summer season, so visitors to Paxi can take a day trip to Antipaxi.