North Evia Holidays

The northern section of the island of Evia is an extremely beautiful and tranquil area. With the stunning scenery of green forests and the blue waters of the sea, it is a place where one can easily relax and unwind from the stress and noise of city life.

Edipsos in North Evia

There are many charming towns and villages spread all across the northern region of Evia, which are ideal destinations for your holidays and travel on the island.

Whether you are looking for a holiday filled with fun, activities and recreation or one of pure peace and tranquility, you can be confident that the northern region of Evia will have everything you are looking for in your holidays.

For those who enjoy the sun and sea, there are some beautiful beaches scattered all along the coast of north Evia. These beaches are ideal for relaxing away the day under the sun, and enjoying the cool refreshing waters.

In the coastal town of Agios Georgios, there is the chance to enjoy a unique scuba diving excursion, where you can see a completely new world under the water.

The delightful forests and rich vegetation found in north Evia make it perfect for those who enjoy hiking and walking around, being at close touch with nature. There are many lovely paths that one can follow, taking you along a truly unique and scenic route, where you can enjoy some wonderful panoramic views out towards the waters of the Aegean Sea and the Evoikos Gulf.

Agiokambos Beach North Evia

The northern region of Evia is well catered for tourist and travellers, and here in the many villages and towns, you can find a wide range of different accommodation including hotels, rooms to let and apartments.

There are also many charming tavernas and restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy a meal as you enjoy the wonderful scenery and landscape all around.

One unique part of northern Evia are the unique and truly inspiring Lihadonisia islands - a small group of wonderful islands, that are located just off the coast of the region of Lihada (from where the islands take their name). One can enjoy a cruise around these islands and experience their unique magic and beauty.

There are also scuba diving excursions that take place around these islands, which are an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience the islands both above and below water. Some of the more famous villages and towns in north Evia include the coastal towns of Rovies, Agios Georgios, Artemisio and Ilia.

Ilia village in North Evia

The colourful and lively port at Edipsos provides a handy connection of mainland Greece, and operates journeys to and from the port of Arkitsa, in the Fthiotida region of Greece.

There are also ports at the northern Evia towns of Agios Georgios, Neos Pyrgos and Pefki. From these ports, one can enjoy trips around the northern coast as well as to the region of Pelion and the Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.

With a huge selection of beautiful destinations, lovely beaches, interesting churches, monasteries and sites to see, visitors to this part of Evia will have the perfect setting in which to enjoy wonderful holidays.