Kastelorizo Island Holidays

Also known as Megisti, the island of Kastelorizo is the most eastern of the Dodecanese islands, and provides the perfect setting for peaceful and relaxing holidays.

Kastelorizo Island - Greece

The name Kastelorizo (Kastelo Roso) is taken from the red rocks on which the castle of the island was built. Inside the castle are the old churches of Agios Dimitrios and Agios Nikolaos. The islands other name (Megisti) comes from the ancient times, and in particular from Megisteas, who was amongst the first settlers on the island.

The main town of Kastelorizo unfolds around the picturesque harbour, providing visitors to the island a wonderful impressive display and landscape, with unique architecture and colourful houses.

Kastelorizo has several places of interest that all travellers to the island should try to visit. The medieval castle is one of the most popular attractions, but you should also try to pay a visit to the archaeological and folklore museums on the island as well.

Tourism is one industry that is only just being to develop on Kastelorizo, so the selection of accommodation is relatively small. There are several hotels operating as well as rooms to let where you can find comfortable accommodation for your stay here.

Holidays in Kastelorizo Greece

However, this lack of infrastructure for tourism makes the island one that will give you truly unforgettable holidays, and a very traditional and unique Greek island experience.

There are some wonderful beaches on Kastelorizo that are ideal for swimming as well as fishing. Visitors to the island can have the opportunity to take a small boat from the harbour and enjoy a wonderful excursion around the island.

On this boat ride, you can visit the stunning Blue Cave, with it's impressive stalagmites and stalactites. The small nearby islets of Ro and Strogili are also worth visiting.

Kastelorizo Travel Guide

The tiny island of Ro has a very unique and special history. There was only one inhabitant on the island, a woman names Despina Ahladotou, who was also known as "The Lady of Ro". She lived on the island for many years until her death in 1979. Every morning, she would voluntarily raise the Greek flag.

Kastelerizo is one of the jewels of the Dodecanese, and offers the chance of some wonderful holidays, that you will always cherish and look back on with happy memories. The island has boat connections with Pireaus in Athens, and there is also a connection with the island of Rhodes.