Kasos Island Holidays

Although the Dodecanese island of Kasos is a relatively small, rocky and mountainous island, it is also one that is extremely picturesque with beautiful landscapes, creating a wonderful environment for relaxing summer holidays.

Kasos Island - Greece

Kasos is the most southern of the Dodecanese islands, and is located between Karparthos and Crete. The island is one that has history dating back to the ancient times, and testaments that were discovered had proved the importance of the island in the ancient years.

The island of Kasos also carries with it a great nautical history, as the proud people of the island offered extremely important help and contributions to the success of the Greek revolution in 1821 against the Turkish occupation.

The economic prosperity of Kasos can easily be comprehended if you take a walk through the charming streets of "Fri", which is the capital and harbour of the island.

Along the streets you will see a wonderful collection of traditional two-floored houses, old churches and monasteries. Some of the old houses and mansions you will see lining the streets are of exceptional beauty.

Holidays in Kasos Greece

Visitors to the island should try and pay a visit to some of the lovely churches and monasteries that are found on Kasos. The monastery of Agia Marina and of Agios Georgios are just two examples. There is also the amazing cave of Selai that is well worth visiting.

For accommodation, the island boasts a wonderful selection of hotels, rooms, apartments and studios to let. Much of the accommodation on Kasos is situated in or around the capital "Fri". The area of "Emporios" is another area on the island that is very popular with travellers, and there is also a selection of accommodation available here as well.

Here in the town, you will also find a lovely selection of bars, cafeterias and traditional tavernas where you can enjoy fresh fish as well as some local specialities.

Kasos has air connections to the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport, and also boat conenctions to Athens via Pireaus, as well as a selection of islands in the Cyclades, Rhodes and Crete.

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