Kimolos Island Holidays

Kimolos is a small and peaceful volcanic island, located very close to Milos, and is the ideal destination for peaceful and relaxing summer holidays in the Aegean.

Kimolos Island - Greece

The name of the island is taken from the ancient times when Kimolos (the person), was amongst the first who came and resided on the island. This is also why "Kimoloa" means chalk in the Greek language, as there were many chalk mines on the island.

The capital of Kimolos is Horio, which was built on a high hill overlooking the harbous of Kimolos. The harbour, named Psathi, is just 1.5 km from Horio, and is the arrival point of visitors to the island.

Kimolos is a very beautiful island, and one that offers visitors the opportunity to sample a traditional and relaxed Greek island. There are many beautiful beaches on Kimolos that are extremely popular in the summer months.

Holidays in Kimolos Greece

Northeast of Horio is the lovely beach of Klima, which is ideal for a refreshing swim. If you head further, you will reach the beach of Monastiria. Midway along the journey, you will pass Prassa, where is where they used to produce porcelain from the nearby chalk mines.

In the southeast you can find the lovely beaches of Aliki and Bonatsa. However, the majority of beaches, as well as caves, around the island can only be reached either by foot or by the small boats that depart from the harbour.

The island has so many beaches, either sandy of with white pebbles, where visitors can have their pick, and relax in the hot summer sun.

Kimolos Travel Guide

For accommodation, you will find a nice choice of rooms, apartments and studios to let, all offering a pleasant and comfortable stay on the island. As accommodation on Kimolos is somewhat limited, it is advised to make reservations as early as possible if you are planning a holiday on the island.

There are several tavernas offering tasty traditional meals, fresh fish and sea food, as well as some of the local dairy products. There are also several bars and cafeterias providing a range of drinks, good music and a friendly atmosphere.

Kimolos is connected with Athens via the port of Pireaus, as well as the neighbouring island of Milos.