Andros Island Holidays

Andros is one of the most greenest and picturesque islands in the Cyclades. It is also the most north eastern island in the group and is an island of rich vegetation and charming scenery.

Andros Island - Greece

There are fountains with crystal waters, green gorges and valleys filled with colourful fruit trees, which all combine to create a very beautiful and serene atmosphere.

From the old days Andros was known as the "island of the captains" as many of the inhabitants of the island became ship captains. This is turn created great prosperity, and evidence of this can be seen with the beautiful classical buildings that can be found all over Andros, especially in the town of Chora (Hora) , which is the capital of the island.

All over the island are many charming traditional villages as well as many interesting places to see. One popular destination on Andros is the cosmopolitan coastal resort of Batsi. Another is the mountainous village of Aprovato, which amongst the old mansions and fountains, provides visitors with inspiring views over the island and out to sea.

An interesting attraction for visitors to Andros is the Alantinos cave. Inside you can marvel at the impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Another place of interesting is the medieval area of the old city in Chora, where the old houses and mansions and the picturesque watermills create a unique scenery.

On the eastern side of Andros is the village of Apikia, approximately 5km from Chora. Here you will find a pretty landscape with the famous fountain of Sariza, whose waters have spa attributes.

Holidays in Andros Greece

The two impressive monasteries of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1760, and Agia Marina are well worth visiting. The town of Chora is home to a wonderful variety of classical mansions and also the Venitian castle, which is another popular attraction with visitors. There is also the inspiring monument of the Unknown Sailor, museums and Byzantine churches that one can visit.

One popular destination on Andros is the village of Menites, which is one of the coolest on Andros. Filled with plane trees and flourishing green meadows, there are many spring fountains decorated with marble,

On the southern region of Andros you can visit the village of Aidonia (meaning Nightingale). This is a small traditional village with many spring fountains, creating a very relaxing and harmonic atmosphere.

Close by in the gulf is Korthiou which has a wonderful collection of impressive mansions and the marvelous dove cots, small white structures built especially for the doves on the island. These cots are of exceptional architecture and are very beautiful to see. Korithou is also home to the oldest fountain on the island.

Andros Travel Guide

The port of Andros is Gavrio, which is located 9km from Batsi. Gavrio is a traditional village port, and is the first village that visitors will see as they approach Andros by boat.

Andros has some very beautiful beaches that are very popular in the summer. These include the beaches of Kolona, Stivari, Agia Marina, Koutsi, Niborio and many more. Visitors to Andros should also try and head to the beach of Zorzis, where not only will you be able to enjoy a refreshing swim, but you can also see a river where, along its banks, are caves with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites inside.

Andros is well catered for tourism, and visitors to the island will find a wonderful selection of various accommodation. There are plenty of restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy a tasty home cooked meal, as well as many bars and cafes where you can have a relaxing drink.